Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic or Awakening?

Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic or Awakening?

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic or Awakening?

Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic or Awakening?

When we look back when this is over, we won’t call it the pandemic.

It will be called The Great Awakening.

Our human population on this planet is having greater coherence in our thoughts than any time before in history.

When people are in fear, in anger with the media, with everything that’s going on in the outer world, here’s what happens. When people are in fear or anger, they are much easier to control, and they are more likely to look to authority for certainty. So, they’re more likely to be told what to do for safety. So, the cabal developed strategies for a very long time on the planet. They desire to keep people in a mentality like fear and anger because, when they’re there, they’re much easier to be able to be controlled. So, at that level of consciousness, people are at the bottom. Shame, fear, guilt, anger, neutrality, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment. What happens is the more we elevate our vibration as a collective, the more aware we become and the more powerful we are.

Now, what’s happening right now on the planet is that many people are waking up. The vibration is increasing so much that the cabal leaders are getting desperate. They want to remain in power and to continue doing the things behind the scenes that they’ve been doing for a long time. They are having to promote scenarios which promote the narrative that we need the government to protect us from our neighbors. They’re having to pull their last cards and doing things that affect the collective to keep the collective in fear.

Nonetheless, the awakening is happening too quickly.

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