Money Sovereignty – 7 – Model Proposal

Money Sovereignty – 7 – Model Proposal

With this in mind, would it make sense that the designers of the cleverly deceptive system would be clever enough to design a system which not only transfers wealth, but also perpetuates itself into a system where the noose continually tightens? If the current financial paradigm is intended to be deceptive, one part of the deception would be the creation of fiat currency debt rather than sovereign money as well as the conflation of the two. Would the designers of such a system also want the system to be anti-fragile in as many ways as possible? To elucidate, would the designers want the system to be self-adjusting to eliminate or minimize threats to its continuation? If not fully self-adjusting, would the designers include overseers in positions of power to implement adjustments to thwart potential threats and to accelerate the goal of wealth transfer? If the system is designed to protect itself and to continually restrict all possible avenues of escape from the system, would the designers attempt to anticipate the possible threats and the possible escape routes?


One part of the system design would include complex structures intended to obfuscate the dynamics at play as well as policies to control and restrict access, reducing the effectiveness of critical thinking. To this point, here’s a quote from Henry Ford, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” This system is designed to be the mechanism to parasitize the wealth and labor of the masses and to transfer the realized gains to the elitists. Here’s another idea to ponder. One way to define slavery is the theft of labor, typically using some form of coersion, be it real or perceived, be it physical or otherwise. If we look carefully, we can see various strategies which are used to support this system. The primary weapon used against the people as part of these strategies is the promotion of fear.

The preceding section describes circumstances which are important to consider to prevent self-sabotage if looking to effectuate change. Now, we can get back to the idea of proposing a thought experiment. It is important to include in any thought experiment a realistic assessment of the current situation as well as what resources are available, then consider what a desirable outcome will be and attempt to map out a pathway to arrive there. Every step along that pathway needs to be a viable move. Let’s consider one step in that pathway. Here’s a relevant question. When the Fiat (Slave Unit) Dollar crashes and burns, what do we have standing by, and spread out, all over the United States, just waiting to be “Activated”? There are a few premises in this question, like that the fiat dollar will crash, that the socio-pollitical environment will be suitable for a relatively smooth transition to a new non-fiat currency, etc. It seems inevitable that the fiat dollar will crash. Indeed, I am surprised that it has lasted this long, or so it appears at least. OK, for now, let’s assume that the question is valid. The apparent answer of what we have standing by is a sizable quantity of silver and gold spread out in the possession of many people all over USA and the world.

A thought experiment will be based on the reality of the past. It is important, though, to not get stuck there, as most financial gurus get stuck. It is easy for anyone viewing the Goliath of a system to consider any ideas of fundamental change to be merely hopium. For example, in 1775 in the British colonies of America, it would have been a rare individual who could hold a vision of independence. That was not realistic at all. Most colonists would have viewed any talk of independence as pure hopium. If there is truly to be a thought experiment, it will involve some other possible ideas, some dynamic which would allow for the triumph of will for what is best for all.

Keep in mind that what is at stake here is the enslavement of the middle class.

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