Technical Tour

WordPress coding: and entire site
I modified the WordPress code, mostly PHP and CSS, to design this page.
I wrote in PHP and uploaded my own template for this page.
In my template, I make calls to my modified header.php, main.php and footer.php files.
This allowed me to add customizations, Google Analytics, an overlay when the user requests it, and extensive javascript code which I wrote in order to collapse and expand sections and create data collection events which pull info from selected parts of the form which I created.
The most salient parts to notice are in lines 48-165 of the source code.

UX development: and home page
I put a lot of thought into the user experience of these two pages. (I hurried through the rest of the site, focusing on making some info available. I have not yet put the time into user experience for the rest of the site.)
For these two pages, I focused on eye appeal, avoiding overwhelm, allowing access to extensive info in sections as desired, ease of use, streamlining, flow, simple naviagation, direction, nurturing and allowance for expression.

Note about email attachments:
I can give a better walk-through over the phone of the things to notice in the two email attachments.
The two email attachments work together.  ezTV-2011-engl-34.txt is in xhtml and makes an AJAX call to the php file. While the xhtml file is asynchronously loading the page, the php file makes an SQL query to the database which I wrote in SQL to retrieve info, packages the resuling 3D PHP array into a string and passes the string back to the html file to complete the AJAX call. In the html file, javascript unpacks the AJAX result string into a 3D javacript array. I modified some revealing info in the two files for this purpose. I had these two pages active a while ago. Then, I took down the server. If needed, I will upload it again. It would take me a couple hours to re-deploy the whole thing, i.e. re-create the database, alter and upload the two files, re-create the folder structure and upload the hundreds of images. When the files were deployed, the resulting page was quite impressive, not only in scope and vision, but also in usefulness for the user, design and flow, power, elegance and beauty. I created a 4-step wizard. In step 1, a simple, clear checkbox interface asks users which categories of TV channels they like. This proceeds into an optional powerful selection tool. Step 2 shows them a comparison of their selected favorite channels and which packages from two satellite providers are recommended for them initially based on an algorithm that I wrote. This screen includes simple instructions on how to view other things in order to make more comparisons, get more info and change selections. Step 3 shows them all available channels and packages, including advanced options. In steps 2 and 3, there are many facets of design to appreciate the beauty of the display. Step 4 prioritizes which packages give them the best bang for the buck and gives them a phone number to call to place their order. Optionally, the user can submit their contact info. In order to read ezTV-2011-engl-34.txt, it is best on a screen at least 1280px wide, and wider is better.

PHP: email attachment ezTV-A-2011-engl-20.php and home page
For the home page, I wrote in PHP and uploaded my own template for this page.
In my template, I make calls to my modified header.php, main.php and footer.php files.
The above note about email attachments contains a description of the php file.
I chose to not use PHP in the other file after my browser experiments revealed that my extensive DOM manipulations were sufficient cause display re-painting delays that were best minimized by performing all changes in background javascript arrays, then making one massive DOM manipulation or a few small ones.

CSS: email attachment ezTV-2011-engl-34.txt and home page
For the home page, I made several changes to the CSS in order to create the desired layout and tweak the details.
In ezTV-2011-engl-34.txt, there is CSS scattered throughout as well as a CSS section in lines 1598-1668 (of the 1858 line .txt file) about 9/10 towards the bottom. I created my own layout for CSS code which works better for this application. This section includes styling definitions for 69 elements (and classes), some elements with up to 12 properties.

AJAX: email attachment ezTV-2011-engl-34.txt
The above note about email attachments contains a description of the AJAX functionality in this file.
Notice lines 20-71.

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