Money as an Idea-3-Fluid

Money as an Idea-3-Fluid


If money is an idea, it should be treated as an idea.
Ideas are fluid.  Money is fluid.  Ideas flow from one person to another.  Money flows from one person to another.  That is why money is called currency.  Ideas increase as they flow.  Money increases as it flows.  Because ideas are fluid, they change and evolve.  Because money is fluid, its value changes as markets evolve.


When ideas are combined, the combination has greater value than the sum of its parts.  (For example, motors and wheels have more usefulness when combined than separately.)
Fiduciary power increases when capital is combined and when partnerships are formed.
Money is fluid, not solid.  The only reason money is perceived as solid is because of fear.  Fear can make any idea appear solid and real.  Fear freezes.  Relaxation makes fluid.  In the condition of fear, the mind will twist all new data into verification for the fear.  Fear makes it difficult to see things truly.  Fear can make it difficult to see money as fluid.

F   False
E   Evidence
A   Appearing
R   Real

It is important to treat objects as objects and to treat ideas as ideas. If you mix these up, you will create conflict.
It would be foolish to treat a flowing river (currency) as a solid.  It is fluid.  In physics, solids and fluids have different physical properties.

The poor generally treat money as a solid.
The rich generally treat money as fluid because they understand the properties of money.
The middle-class care about how much money they have (solid).
The rich care about what their money is doing for them (liquid).

Investments generate money.  Where does that money come from?  It seems to come from thin air.
Remember the spiritual principle from above that ideas increase by being given away. 
You have the power to create something from nothing.  In fact, you do it every day.
It is up to you how you choose to use that power.
My objective is to help you to use your power to achieve wealth and freedom.  I also hope to inspire you to become free from fear of your own power.

This leads to another basic spiritual principle.
If there is something that you want, you must first give that away.  If you want to receive a smile, give a smile.  If you want to receive love, give love.  If you want money, you must engage in that action of your mind.  This does not mean that you have to give all of your money away.  But, you must find that spot in your mind.  What does money represent to you?  Freedom? A representation of a state of mind?  An expression of life force?  Or something to hoard?
Wherever I invest my mind, that investment will bear fruit.

Who will you be when you unlock your potential?


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