Money Sovereignty – 2 – New Currency Model

Money Sovereignty – 2 – New Currency Model

After a bit of imagining based on the general ideas above, let’s consider a new idea.


What if you put together an innovative comprehension of the entire puzzle? And, even more, you found a solution. Let’s say the solution is a way of returning to a Stable Monetary System. What if you were able to come up with a New and Improved Line of Currency, backed by a New Line of Bullion Coinage? How would you want to implement your model? Keep in mind that, if this type of change does not occur, then there’s a risk that We the People will become Slaves to the Central Bank Owners.

I’ll let you know that these few ideas above did not originate from me, but there are some clever people out there who like to have pocket-change. The rest of this writing does originate from me.

Let’s imagine that you try to introduce your grand ideas to many people, including financial gurus, but people don’t seems to be able to come up with any answers like you have, nor can they see your ideas as realistic.

I’m thinking that is probably because your model is based on a combination of the reality of the past plus an additional dynamic. The additional dynamic is the triumph of will for what is best for all. This triumph of will would probably be effectuated by the awakening of many sheeple to exercise their will and exert their inner power. Most financial gurus don’t see that awakening as a realistic probability–based on the reality of the past–and would therefore regard the idea of this possible triumph of will as hopium. The only way that the financial gurus could view this triumph of will as a realistic probability would be to take on a different perspective, a perspective which includes a triumph (in some form) of will for what is best for all. We would generally think of revolution, maybe peaceful, as the likely form of this triumph of will.

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