Taketina Benefits

Taketina benefits the practitioner in various ways. I’m writing here what Taketina is about for me.

What is Taketina?

Taketina is a new kind of rhythm education and therapy. Many  people are using the TaKeTiNa process as a musical method for personal development. The TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process is a musical, meditative group process for people who want to develop their awareness of rhythm. In a TaKeTiNa process, there are three different rhythmic layers—voice, claps, and steps—that continue simultaneously. Vocalization and clap rhythms constantly change while the steps remain the same. A surdo drum stabilizes the basic rhythm of the steps, while call-and-response singing serves to destabilize and re-stabilize the rhythmic movements. The simultaneity of stabilization and destabilization creates a disturbance that causes participants to repeatedly fall out, and then fall back into rhythm. Participants are guided into the experience of rhythm archetypes, which are rhythmic images anchored deep in human consciousness.

My personal experience

The first reason for me to try Taketina is to balance my right brain and left brain, that is to help the corpus callosum to facilitate the flow between the brain hemispheres.

Another reason for me is rhythm. Taketina is a polyrhythmic experience. Considering my many skills, it seems to me that rhythm is near the bottom of my list of abilities. Therefore, I want to put some energy into developing my rhythmic capability. When I think of rhythm, I think of it in two senses, both musical rhythm and social rhythm. I think of social rhythm as the natural flow between people in their interactions. One of the benefits of Taketina, in my opinion, is that Taketina develops rhythm.

Another Taketina benefit is to free the mind. My sense is that one aspect about Taketina is about freeing the mind from associations of patterning. These mind associations are so locked in that combinations of thoughts and movements seem to be automatic. In my opinion, the rhythmic variations introduced in Taketina repeated dissolve the bonds of association between familiar thoughts, movements, words, sounds, etc. Because the human experience is defined by associations of thoughts, this dissolution is often initially uncomfortable or painful. The dissolution is uncomfortable to the extent that comfort is found in the bondage of association rather than in freedom of mind.

One more Taketina benefit is energetic flow. As the bonds of association between familiar thoughts become weaker, this phenomenon results in dissolving blockages. As blockages are gently and progressively reduced in the body, it is natural for healthy body functioning to increase and for the flow of kundalini-type life energy to increase. Along with the breaking of the bondage of association in the mind, natural energetic flows in the mind are enhanced, facilitating spiritual awakening.

So far, I have experienced Taketina for only a couple hours. I am writing this to share my perspective as a Taketina beginner. This info is based on my opinions and my experience.

Who will you be when you unlock your potential?

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