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Visionary Videos is a group which explores clandestine information on various topics in order to help raise both the consciousness and vibrational frequency of each individual as well as humanity as a whole. Our main mission is to bring to light to interested individuals information that has been withheld from the vast majority of humanity by a very select few. This information has been used by these few to help control and subjugate most of humanity for not just decades or centuries, but for many millennia. This information covers many different subjects including politics, history, Science, health, religion, Sacred Geometry, alchemy, metaphysics, and human consciousness. Apparently through changes to the energy fields around us at this momentous time, much of this information is being made available to the rest of humanity for the first time in ages. Visionary Videos started nearly 20 years ago and has been showing videos twice monthly, normally on the first and third Thursdays each month. It is our goal here at Visionary Videos to help bring as much of this information to the light of day as possible in order to help with the consciousness shift for humanity that appears to be occurring now and into the near future.


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