Light Language

Light language is a cosmic language that has some similarities with speaking in tongues.

Light Language

Light Language – LeRoy’s Experience

I have been speaking light language for more than ten years. I did not know that there was a name for it. I used to refer to what I was doing as “speaking in tongues.” I’ve learned that light language is different from speaking in tongues, though there are some similarities. I had never met anyone else who spoke light language until recently. I went to a meeting on the topic of Starseeds. There were about 20 people in the room. After a while, Erika started speaking light language. This was the first time I heard anyone other than me speaking light language. She was able to speak light language under different circumstances than me. I was amazed. Another woman in the room, Stacie, also spoke light language. This was a phenomenal discovery for me, a chance to learn more about myself.


After the two women spoke light language, everyone in the room said that they could feel intense energy. Most said the energy was strong in their backs and their heads. Indeed, I felt the energy intensely in the back of my neck and head. It was almost like being on fire. The sensation was wonderful. Everyone said that the healing energy in the room was powerful. I also felt that I was being activated, and I was starting to blurt out in light language. I managed to hold back the impulse, though.

I was recovering from a knee injury. After hearing the light language during the meeting and feeling the powerful energy, I walked down a set of stairs with no pain in my knee for the first time since my injury weeks before. Indeed, I felt a compelling certainty that there was no need for concern about my knee while walking down the stairs. For me, this was a phenomenal healing.

Who will you be when you unlock your potential?

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