States of Being – Coherence

States of Being – Body or Coherence

Another state of being is body identification. This is similar to the preoccupation with sensations, emotions and thoughts. Identifying with a body is materialistic. In this state, one forms relationships with parts of the physical universe. The most intense and “personal” relationship is with the body. This relationship is so consuming that it becomes identification with the body.

In this state, one relates to the body as if it is one’s “self.” This is one of the many relationships that one has. One has relationships with other people, a relationship with a job, a relationship with a car, a relationship with food, relationship with possessions, etc. Yet, the relationship with the body is held special. One may have a relationship with a chair, but one will never identify with a chair as intensely as one identifies with one’s body.
For example, one will sense the pull of gravity in one’s body. One will not sense the pull of gravity through a chair when one is standing next to a chair. No matter how connected one feels with a chair, one can never feel a sensation of gravity from within the chair because the chair is outside of the body. This is an example of the specialness of the relationship of the body. Even though one has relationships with every part of the physical universe, yet the body is the only thing in the physical universe through which one will sense the pull of gravity.

The above two states of being seem to predominate the awareness at low levels of consciousness. I have found the breath to be a tool to help access other levels of consciousness. Conscious breathing has a profound effect on one’s experience. It also helps to cultivate a willingness to release the attachment to exclusive awareness of the above states.

I refer to a different state of being as coherence. When in coherence, I am aware of the full pull of gravity on my body. Yet, my awareness is expansive. It’s not easy for me to find words to describe this state. This is how I’ll describe what I feel. I experience some sort of energetic frequency that seems to resonate in various parts of my being. I feel strongly connected with a higher Self and with whole mindedness. Coherence is a condition conducive to clairsentience and to kundalini flow.

Who will you be when you unlock your potential?

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