A Course In Miracles music – a Reminder

A Course In Miracles music – a Reminder

One of the challenges for people endeavoring to undergo the mind training by following the workboook of A Course in Miracles is to keep the monkey mind focused on remembering the lesson for the day. My reference of lesson of the day is that, since being at Endeavor Academy, I begin with Lesson 1 on the first day of January. Remember that I mentioned earlier that I had the lesson for the day taped onto my handlebars while I was bicycling around the world? Well, what do we often have running through our minds? For me, it’s often a tune, a song which I’ve heard recently. That random song takes up a big part of my subconscious for hours of that day. If I could replace some of that with a song for the lesson of the day, then I can more easily keep my focus on my intended goal to keep the lesson in my mind throughout the day, and have it be fun, too. Well, I’ve found a way to do that pretty well. For example, when I’m on a long bike ride or run now, I’ll sing the ACIM lesson over and over again for hours, enjoying the bliss.

There are several reasons why I appreciate so much having music connected with A Course In Miracles. One reason is that it reminds me of the lesson. Another reason is that the catchy tune keeps running in my subconscious without effort from me. Another reason is that it’s fun. Another reason is that it gets me to dance, or at least wiggle around, if the tune is a dance tune. Other tunes draw me in to sing along. And there’s another reason.

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