Cryptocurrency Investing

Cryptocurrency Investing – Getting Started

This section contains information about cryptocurrency investing.

Here is some guidance from me for getting started with cryptocurrency investing.

Below is a summary of some topics in this section.

1 Theoretical Acquisition
2 Practical Acquisition (Buying)
2a Research and Find an Exchange
2b Fund the Exchange
2c Buy
3 Storage
4 Strategy
4a Risk
4b Plan your trade and trade your plan.
4C Diversify
4d Allocate
4e Within an asset class, allocate to specific assets.
4F Investing vs Trading
5 Research
5a Andreas Antonopoulos
5b CoinMarketCap
5d Steemit

Here’s a good way to find another good source of info related to cryptocurrencies. Copy and paste the line below into Google or your favorite search engine.

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