Follow Your Dreams – Part 3

I headed south from Humlebæk on my 3-speed clunker and met up with Akiko (who took a train half-way) near Hårlev. We then cycled together to Nykøbing Falster, and I continued west to Lolland.  She felt tired and sunburned and decided to take a train home. I felt energized and like I was just getting warmed up. I decided to continue, and did a tour around the country. That was my first bicycle tour. It felt so wonderful and natural to me. It was easy for me to fall in love with bicycle touring. I had never heard of anybody doing something like that. I didn’t know that there was a phrase to describe it: “bicycle touring.”

The following year, I was in USA. I came across a magazine article about a group of guys who bicycled around the world. The concept was so herculean to me, it blew my mind. I immediately fell in love with that idea. I knew in my heart that I must bicycle around the world. It was a big dream for me. I planned to do it when I graduated from high school. But then, I was offered a huge scholarship to a great University. I asked if the scholarship could be deferred for one year, so I could take one year to bicycle around the world, but my request was denied. I decided to complete four years of University, then bicycle around the world when I graduated from University.

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