States of Being – Field

States of Being – Field of light consciousness

I refer to a different state of being as a field of light consciousness. This is similar to coherence in expansive awareness. It has some clear differences, though. I have entered an awareness of field of light consciousness by way of Enlightenment Intensive protocol of self inquiry. It feels like my body awareness is gradually replaced by an awareness of becoming one with a field of light consciousness. As my awareness merges more with the consciousness field, my attachment to the physical universe decreases. When joined nearly fully, I have only a vague, distant awareness of my body. The pull of gravity on my body feels to have less and less effect as I deepen into the field, to the point of almost no gravitational effect.

It’s not easy for me to find word to describe this state. This is how I’ll describe what I feel. I notice that I can use my will to move back and forth into more field of light consciousness, then more body consciousness. For example, I can transition from 10% field consciousness with 90% body consciousness to 80% field consciousness with 20% body consciousness, then back to 30% field consciousness with 70% body consciousness and continue to adjust my consciousness at will. It seems that our daily functioning persists primarily with body consciousness with almost no awareness of ourselves as field of light consciousness. I notice, though, that I am never entirely devoid of field of light consciousness. In most functioning, I may have 1% field consciousness with 99% body consciousness. During my deepest awareness of field of light consciousness, I have always maintained some connection in my awareness with my body. So, I stayed at 99% field of light consciousness with 1% body consciousness. This feels like a condition conducive to a direct experience of the Truth of Self.

Before leaving this topic entirely, I want to bring up a related idea. I’ll write more about this idea in a different article. I wrote above about an interplay between two fields on my being, a gravitational field and a field of light consciousness. I have heard a description about a similar interplay between a gravitational field and a magnetic field where the magnetic field has the effect of matching the gravitational field, having a cancelling effect and resulting in a levitational phenomenon. I wonder if a similar effect can be produced with a field of light consciousness.

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