Enlightenment Intensive – LeRoy’s Experience

Enlightenment Intensive – LeRoy’s Experience

When I went to my first Enlightenment Intensive, I heard that there is a lofty claim that most people who immerse themselves in this process in a committed way for three days will have some inner experience, the type of phenomenon which typically takes years for devoted meditators living in traditional spiritual schools. I was impressed when I saw that everyone in the group had such an experience. The program delivered on its lofty claim.


My second Enlightenment Intensive expanded my experience. I got expert guidance from the facilitators, Jackpot, Katrin and Jessica. I refined my ability with the technique and process. I started with expectations based on my past spiritual experiences. I was surprised to discover that I still had considerable resistance to the spiritual work. I was also surprised to discover that I had far more mental fortitude than during my first Enlightenment Intensive.

Early in the second day, I had a revelatory experience in which I identified with my Higher Self. I felt like I received something like a download of information summarized as follows. I am everything, including the physical universe. My identification with a limited construct confined within a human body is merely a game that I invented.

In order to play this limited identity game, I compressed myself, compressed, compressed, compressed so much to get the entirety of myself into a limited body. I compressed myself into something dense, so dense, so incredibly dense. Then, I had to do something else to continue playing this limited identity game. I had to forget my true identity as Higher Self and to identify my “self” with this little thing and nothing else. Then, I had to do one more thing to continue playing this limited identity game. I had to believe that all of the other parts of myself, the other humans and all other parts of the universe are not me. With this setup, I can play the game.

Now, in my revelatory experience, I could see through all of that and recognize that it is only a game. In the game, of course I want to merge with all other aspects of myself, and I feel frustrated when I find myself incapable of fulfilling that fundamental desire. In my revelatory experience, I am free from that, or so I thought. Any moment in which I am identifying with the little thing, then I am not free from the game. My gift is that I have the ability to choose to play the game or not. Later in the second day, I decided to go beyond the revelatory experience and open to what may come.

I spent the third day joyfully in a creative union with God. I was singing like I had never done before and feeling the joy of union with God. I enjoyed being in a space of creative expression. It was a dramatic and welcome contrast to my customary mental posture dominated primarily by my left brain. I freely explored creativity and joy, loosing any constraints I had customarily placed on my right brain. I felt the love of God flowing through me, and I experienced that as my identity.


In my third Enlightenment Intensive, I went to a new level. I had phenomenal experiences in a field of light consciousness. After the Enlightenment Intensive, I wrote an article entitled “States of Being” inspired by my experience. The Enlightenment Intensive and the guidance from Jackpot were instrumental in my expanding awareness, as outlined in the article. Here are links to the article.


After a few 3-day Enlightenment Intensives, I participated in a 5-day Enlightenment Intensive. A 5-day Enlightenment Intensive has some big advantages over a shorter Enlightenment Intensive. As a prelude, it usually takes a couple days to become fully present and elevate one’s energy to a level conducive to breakthrough experience of Truth of Self. A 5-day Enlightenment Intensive allows for a few days in that elevated energy.

During my first 5-day Enlightenment Intensive, I learned more about some potent aspects of the Enlightenment Intensive technique. I also had some profound experiences related to the power of mind over the body. For example, my contemplation brought up many physical sensations into my conscious awareness. During the dyads, I started to feel physical symptoms simultaneously of disparate health conditions, such as flu, bronchitis, digestive distress, etc. The sensations that I was feeling were intense, such as strong pressure in my head. Most of the symptoms moved around my body from one minute to another. Most of the symptoms dissipated at the end of a dyad and resumed with the following dyad. One dynamic that persisted most was an intensely painful pressure in my head. After a couple days, I realized that I had been allowing my consciousness to be pulled into a painful spot. With that realization, I wondered about why I was not directing my conscious awareness to parts of my body which were not in pain, such as my elbow. I redirected my consciousness to acknowledge all parts of higher intensity and lesser intensity and to observe them neutrally. With that, the symptoms all dissipated, and I soon entered a field of light consciousness.

This experience can serve as a stark example of the power of the mind over the body. A practical application of this dynamic is for people suffering from physical ailments and health conditions. These ailments are manifested from the mind. With recognition and a shift of the mind, the conditions can be dissolved, thus cured.

Who will you be when you unlock your potential?

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