Rhythm and Reason in A Course In Miracles

Rhythm and Reason in A Course In Miracles

The following is excerpted from Ray’s preface in Michael’s book “The Rhythm and Reason of Reality: Prose and Poetry in A Course In Miracles.”

Michael “saw the blank verse emerge from the prose, sporadically along the way in the early chapters of the Text, and in Chapters 26-31, the prose paragraphs morph entirely into poetic stanzas, and the same morphing occurs in the Workbook, Lessons 98-365.”

“To shift the metaphor from hearing to seeing, what he saw emerging from the prose paragraphs is like sitting in a movie theatre, watching the action on the screen, and then putting on your 3D glasses, and suddenly, you are viewing a panorama that was there all the time, only you could not perceive it without your glasses.”

“Fiinally, in His unworldly masterpiece Jesus is always posturing our voice by a perfect blend of sound and sense, rhythm and reason, whether we are reading His prose paragraphs, or His poetic stanzas. His singular intent is to lull us into a state of mind profoundly receptive to the Word of God.”

Rhythm and Reason of RealityProse and Poetry in A Course In Miracles

I will comment on that last sentence. Please read it again. It is a powerful sentence. I have been teaching for a long time that ACIM is both the messenger and the message. Any book is a messenger of its content. The content of ACIM is the imperative for the reader to experience God directly, innerly. The message is to EXPERIENCE God, not just read about God, talk about God, think about God or entertain any concepts of self, Self or God, but rather to be and live in the inner EXPERIENCE of God. ACIM brings us there. It points the way for us, but it doesn’t just point the way. It ushers us there.

I’ll elaborate on my thoughts about the esoteric nature of ACIM. Clearly, it has an other-worldly message expressed in English vocabulary. I have taught for a long time that it has other layers. I started teaching that before I learned from Michael about the poetic nature of ACIM, which Ray eloquently describes in more detail about the use of various aspects of how our voice is divinely postured as a tool to lull our minds into a condition of profound receptivity. I say that it does more than that. I say that it uses our deepened receptivity to usher us into our hearts and to deliver us directly into our own inner direct experience of the Love of God. Even before Michael introduced me to the poetic undertones in ACIM, I knew that there were other layers imbued into ACIM beyond the coarseness of the verbiage, some aspects which had a profound effect on our heart and our being. From Michael and Ray, I’ve been learning the details about a particular level which uses rhythm and reason. I still contend that there are other mystical levels, yet undiscovered, working divinely for our benefit. It turns out, based on Michael’s discovery, that I was right about at least one level .Why couldn’t there be more levels divinely woven into the energetic fabric of this unworldly masterpiece? I intuitively know this to be so. I can feel it, even though I’m not yet aware of any objective evidence of it.

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