Money Sovereignty

Money Sovereignty – intro

This is just the intro page. Not much here, but here’s a bit.

Here’s a little aside which may be helpful. It a bizarre phenomenon which we witness. If you put a frog in a shallow pot of hot water, the frog will jump out. If, however, you put a frog into a shallow pot of comfortably warm water, the frog will be happy to stay even though it could jump out. If you slowly heat that pot of water, the frog will be happy to stay as long as there is no moment when the water suddenly gets much hotter. The frog will stay there until the water boils and the frog is cooked to death because the frog never saw any moment when there was a dramatic change. This phenomenon of a frog in heating water is often used to describe how people behave in many situations, and how behavior can be manipulated and controlled.

Who will you be when you unlock your potential?

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