Money Sovereignty – 4 – Thought Experiment

Money Sovereignty – 4 – Thought Experiment

OK, once we have a basis for a thought experiment which includes some mechanism for the triumph of will for what is best for all and an economic model which perpetuates that, then we can move to the next step. The next step will be to write that up in a clear form. With a clear, written idea for a thought experiment, the next step will be a proposal to financial gurus to participate in the thought experiment. After that, the proposal will need to be presented to financial gurus in a palatable form. In order to present the proposal, it will be necessary to get the attention of each financial guru in an appealing way, so he or she views the proposal in a positive light. The platform for engaging in a thought experiment could be in writing or a conversation or an interview.

There is an additional consideration, so as not to self-sabotage the thought experiment. It is useful to keep in mind the the current financial paradigm appears to be broken, if one assumes that the paradigm is intended to promote a thriving economy or an economy which works well for the masses. If, however, one views the current financial paradigm as a cleverly designed system which masquerades as a system to promote a thriving economy but is really a system to destroy economy and to transfer wealth from the masses to the few elitists who designed the system, then one would conclude that the system is not broken, but, rather, is a successful deception.


I would like to point out the reader that I used the word elitists, not elite or elites. I am aware that there are some rich, powerful people who consider themselves to be elite. I do not consider them to be better than me. A different word which comes to my mind is the word parasites. The word elitists describes their thought patterns, not their status in my mind. In my opinion, it is important to be careful in the words we choose because words carry with them a creative power. I wrote more about the creative power of words in my book Christ Seed Explained.

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