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Spiritual video channel described here. The positive side of 2012 is a youtube channel produced by Tom Price. Tom Price says The YouTube channel “The Positive Side of 2012 ” is designed for you to listen to the videos IN ORDER. In doing so, they reveal just how much intervention there has been to prepare us for this transition. It brings you PROOF that things are really happening, that the chaos int he world is unfolding according to a much higher plan. Also, the Playlists provide (perhaps) a more convenient way to watch. The Planet Daily News (series) provides the Forest, and the “Intervention” series provides the trees.

Here is a list of videos on the positive side of 2012 youtube channel. Below this table is a list of playlists on the positive side of 2012 youtube channel.

QTZ Duration URL Title
QTZ1001 4m https://youtu.be/UffixyaOlng Welcome to the Positive Side of 2012
QTZ1002 33m https://youtu.be/d5E3Q2E9g0w The Elites Secrecy is Breaking Down
QTZ1003 32m/1h15m https://youtu.be/7oY1v0SysDo Plan to Take down the Illuminati
QTZ1004 12m/45m https://youtu.be/sOvetpszOX8 The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be History
QTZ1005 32m/2h25m https://youtu.be/Juh-tQn-UVw Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11
QTZ1006 41m https://youtu.be/rQnRh_n-5GA 2012 Lessons in 2016 (#1 – The Bad Guys)
QTZ1007 18m https://youtu.be/Gg-NkYn7iXQ The Planet Daily News (January 2016)
QTZ1008 21m https://youtu.be/refCZv_btvM Conscious Men
QTZ1009 25m https://youtu.be/lbyjPNS4HUg All Underground Bases Destroyed in 2011
QTZ1010 35m https://youtu.be/na6AgtFhtls Fukushima Radiation Reduced via Healing Crystals
QTZ1011 52m https://youtu.be/J4h4bxycXrs Root Cause of Autism is discovered (perhaps)
QTZ1012 23m https://youtu.be/prAidK_F8gQ Massive Bird and Marine Die off California
QTZ1013 22m https://youtu.be/4Q5RZsXO91g UFOs Assure No Nuclear War EVER
QTZ1014 9m https://youtu.be/Vye2HDxhckc Mid East Cease Fire
QTZ1015 6m https://youtu.be/WXFcvd1RWLM 31 Holistic Doctors murdered
QTZ1016 48m https://youtu.be/tWofIBFeo3w The Planet Daily News (Feb 2016)
QTZ1017 48m https://youtu.be/VVFz-cqzLOU Cure for Cancer
QTZ1018 8m https://youtu.be/6Ps08RwnC74 The Planet Daily News (Feb 2016) SHORT VERSION
QTZ1019 0m https://youtu.be/KWVM3-depHk Beams of Light from Pyramids Worldwide
QTZ1020 15m https://youtu.be/6gmEtnDuWng Iceland People Restructures their banks (no cabal)
QTZ1021 28m https://youtu.be/Wqw28NmPvYI 2012 Lessons in 2016 (#2 – A Universe from Nothing)
QTZ1022 0m https://youtu.be/66bkYc2mNI4 Dr Emoto (Water Crystals)
QTZ1023 9m https://youtu.be/Wl_ytiFgu_M The Russian Withdrawal
QTZ1024 5m https://youtu.be/U3RQ90pJIbA Jimmy Carter vs John McCaim
QTZ1025 0m https://youtu.be/Ey_z0lLh5_8 Why Obama in Antarctia
QTZ1026 10m https://youtu.be/zXYPj7jcDTY Ken O’Keefe on the Dark Gov in Israel
QTZ1027 5m https://youtu.be/wWaVMtaNOBM Jimmy Carter Book on Palestinians
QTZ1028 10m https://youtu.be/VgfHMlbaGVI Syrian Girl Explains Russian Withdrawal
QTZ1029 7m https://youtu.be/N9pK9wBxgag We’re Getting America Back
QTZ1030 5m https://youtu.be/wi2p0Lzp9c4 Brazil is Bottleneck for BRICS
QTZ1031 5m https://youtu.be/1sTT3zeb24w Chaos in Brazil’s Cabal -run Government
QTZ1032 7m https://youtu.be/HSS2jgp9Qw8 Monsanto GMO Labeling (Dark Act) Defeated
QTZ1033 6m https://youtu.be/PkpsZMq-ofw The Panama Papers – – The Real Facts
QTZ1034 8m https://youtu.be/ToU6PW08pzE Putins Response to Panama Papers
QTZ1035 22m https://youtu.be/ToU6PW08pzE The Bad-Guys: Reptilians Teleported (Lesson #3)
QTZ1036 3m https://youtu.be/CZ2MUbPtwmY Space Fence (Trailer)
QTZ1037 40m https://youtu.be/-61Y7c606fQ Space Fence (Chemtrails-Haarp-Fracking = 1 machine)
QTZ1038 20m https://youtu.be/N36cO5Km6J4 Chemtrail Lawsuits
QTZ1039 14m https://youtu.be/mYre3t2_er8 Monsanto Cancer Milk (Cows)
QTZ1040 0m https://youtu.be/WK2JjGw_BKk Prince Talks Illuminati & Chemtraisl
QTZ1041 0m https://youtu.be/JM-K_bFzCeA Prince died without a Will
QTZ1042 13m https://youtu.be/po1Ki8iAy-E The Planet Daily News (March/ April 2016)
QTZ1043 15m https://youtu.be/hS4mnDDqrCQ Bridget Nelson on ET Disclosure
QTZ1044 10m https://youtu.be/c0sdhjU9miw How to talk to Friends and Family about this stuff
QTZ1045 20m https://youtu.be/hS4mnDDqrCQ Currrency Reset – Karen Hughes Update 4-30-16
QTZ1046 0m https://youtu.be/hTPbi3uDKCE Announcing The Bilderberg Meeting June 9 2016
QTZ1047 20m https://youtu.be/Qp92hA-DS30 Brazil Update (Chaos)
QTZ1048 6m https://youtu.be/cVCNekwZQfs Currency Reset – America’s Amazing Role
QTZ1049 0m https://youtu.be/ePFK0Nh-T5E Missile Lauch Failed (UFOs Involved)
QTZ1050 15m https://youtu.be/RWPJNR2IadE Iceland is Role Model for Future Banks
QTZ1051 21m https://youtu.be/gXjwJ8cZLH4 New U.S. Currency – Backed by Asian Gold
QTZ1052 3m https://youtu.be/DyjFMNd8UNw Brazil Impeachment Complete. What’s Next?
QTZ1053 15m https://youtu.be/sUayeHhpc60 Currency Reset Timing & Holdups
QTZ1054 13m https://youtu.be/2dB0G4tLjGA How This Channel is Designed to Help you (Lesson #4)
QTZ1055 8m https://youtu.be/x_rxSjaRKYg Currrency Reset – Karen Hughes Update 4-30-16
QTZ1056 14m https://youtu.be/TwYdu_tK5lE How UFOS Neutralized the Effects of Fukushima
QTZ1057 14m https://youtu.be/doinAeYwI0A All Underground Bases Destroyed in 2011 (Lesson #5)
QTZ1059 14m https://youtu.be/qNX_AFE3xfo Dunford Assassination Attempt
QTZ1060 13m https://youtu.be/dxFMFr4O5jk The NESARA Review
QTZ1061 5m https://youtu.be/1H_GCuObmHo Hummingbird, Bernie’s Bird, and Mother Earth
QTZ1062 10m https://youtu.be/ku3GzHXBQSE The NESARA and Maslowa Pyramind (Lesson #6)
QTZ1063 12m https://youtu.be/DEZ4YoRS_zo GCR – Dunford Getting $$$ to Pay Military
QTZ1064 14m https://youtu.be/L715D1pZlaQ General Dunford Invited to Speak at UN
QTZ1065 15m https://youtu.be/q_zj8CawXVY Illuminati Wife Tells All (Dark Military Psychology)
QTZ1066 15m https://youtu.be/rR9xTYwmim0 Satan vs Lucifer – Class
QTZ1067 15m https://youtu.be/ifkynLvndIA Summary of What You need to Do
QTZ1068 16m https://youtu.be/buHHhnpxImI Jesus & Mayans Speak re 2012
QTZ1069 16m https://youtu.be/76fYjaQPH5c Lilou & Hira (Being In-the-Heart)
QTZ1070 21m https://youtu.be/rq6mYfbt_HY The Planet Daily News(July 30, 2016)
QTZ1071 11m https://youtu.be/nQ3hf7PKysM Why Others Deny this Stuff is Happening
QTZ1074 5m https://youtu.be/4XVg7ChVh1g Obama Set National Park Record
QTZ1075 14m https://youtu.be/rK3I61hVRuc AIDS Predicted by Apaches in 1915
QTZ1076 15m https://youtu.be/1_JwYJUsv10 GCR: HSBC Bank & Other Arrests
QTZ1077 15m https://youtu.be/s8u5gmYKbik US Military Destroys Israeli Sub Nuclear Attack
QTZ1078 17m https://youtu.be/16qjbVJfhd0 7 Disclosure Items Staring you in the Face
QTZ1079 24m https://youtu.be/ivXZ-KP299o Jon Benet Murder (Bad-Guys did it)
QTZ1082 17m https://youtu.be/EeLEiEhxkac Why are 62% Christians voting for Trump !!??
QTZ1086 8m https://youtu.be/tP3R0XrLC1o UFO Destroys Israeli Satellite
QTZ1087 13m https://youtu.be/LniVbBJqmh4 Turkey Coup was Failed Good-Guy Plot
QTZ1088 20m https://youtu.be/zLQEIdxVY20 Currency Reset (Light Alliance Dates)
QTZ1089 17m https://youtu.be/dafYpY1aNok Trump’s Chakra System same as Criminals
QTZ1090 34m https://youtu.be/DPP8XU6-fnQ Syria’s First Lady Breaks her Long Silence
QTZ1095 42m https://youtu.be/K8iOOE9RQ7U Class: The Cabal Power Structure
QTZ1096 4m https://youtu.be/lB2BK1O6eO8 Orb “Destroys” Chemtrails
QTZ1097 14m https://youtu.be/8zVJ9LQWT6U Fibonacci Requirement for 2012 (Indian Girl)
QTZ1098 5m https://youtu.be/csB0I05V4_M Wild Buffalo & Eagle Arrive at Standing Rock
QTZ1099 12m https://youtu.be/W4vs6s2hXFo Description of Indigos, Crystal Kids, etc.
QTZ1100 17m https://youtu.be/0b52XcruBCQ Ultimate Weapon Against Cabal (Fibonacci and Piano)
QTZ1101 20m https://youtu.be/XR9_2vj5KTw All Planets & Moons are Heating Up
QTZ1102 12m https://youtu.be/xr3QTfnmttY The Rapture vs. 2012. Clarity for Ministers & Millenials
QTZ1103 15m https://youtu.be/MQf7VhbYfr0 Massive Energy Strikes Earth
QTZ1104 18m https://youtu.be/YEPV-_8n-0E Etheric Meetings (Sacred Geometry of Piano)
QTZ1105 23m https://youtu.be/ZB-K6UqVG_g Obama & Others Have done Time Travel
QTZ1106 10m https://youtu.be/KVyJjdSLjZI Baseball Swing: 0 to 70mph in 0.15sec: Learn How
QTZ1107 17m https://youtu.be/eyUNIx_WYXI Flat Earth Debunked: The Universe is Created Within
QTZ1108 1h12m https://youtu.be/8vvSyU95zMg Unlabeled GMO Apples on the Market
QTZ1109 29m https://youtu.be/MC1WhNS0pz0 Trump’s Mid East Policies same as Hillary
QTZ1110 25m https://youtu.be/SJ8qoxwXra4 The 7 Levels of the Astral Planes Described
QTZ1111 20m https://youtu.be/rTyw4NrbSAY Wesley Clark Exposes the Deep State in 2008
QTZ1112 24m https://youtu.be/oy0OmbcHnRI Trump vs Cabal (Standoff at OK Corral)
QTZ1113 6m https://youtu.be/mxVDn9vKXt4 Is Steve Pieczenik of Light or Dark?
QTZ1114 17m https://youtu.be/c81GSH74X9c NESARA: The GCR is for the Ubuntu Program
QTZ1115 18m https://youtu.be/HoxLpQj9ICk Status of the Reptilian Coup (We have Won)
QTZ1116 26m https://youtu.be/BGsyAKf0n24 Pope Francis is of the Light!
QTZ1117 18m https://youtu.be/7YUtU4seiOQ Alex Jones: “Us vs Them” Mentality (Max Spiers)
QTZ1118 20m https://youtu.be/DiSRGuOUxaU Class: Your Knuckle-Length Tells All about 2012
QTZ1119 9m https://youtu.be/80DdbSZJXAU Alex Jones Really Mad (Outdoor Meditation)
QTZ1120 22m https://youtu.be/rw5pMGbnNjo Currenyt Reset (Trumps New Role)
QTZ1121 16m https://youtu.be/Thb7IEBaIoE Russia Response to Tomahawk Missile Attack
QTZ1123 13m https://youtu.be/QRwtNgd8RyQ Russia Response to Tomahawk (Subtitled)
QTZ1124 13m SUBTITLES (Instructions) !! ! QTZ1124-A (Transcribing); QTZ1124-B (Translating)
QTZ1125 16m https://youtu.be/-4Lfzvqe7kk Currency Reset Has Begun (SDR, Marcos, Timing)

Here is a list of playlists on the positive side of 2012 youtube channel.

4 videos

Galactic Intervention

2 videos

How to use This Channel

6 videos

Babylon & Revelations

4 videos

NESARA – What is it and Why is it?

3 videos

The Astral Planes (The Piano)

4 videos

Trump vs the Deep State

9 videos

“2012” Classes in 2016 (Mini-Series: 5 minutes at end of each video)

5 videos

What Happens to the Cabal Upon “2012”

11 videos

“2012” Classes in 2016 (All Classes)

19 videos

The Evidence of Intervention (by the Good-Guys)

4 videos


5 videos

Therapy & Talking with Others

6 videos

The Mid East & Russia

14 videos

The Planet Daily News

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