Money Sovereignty – 6 – Destructive Deception

Money Sovereignty – 6 – Destructive Deception

With clever planning, this propaganda could side-step all reasonability. Fear is effective at preventing reason. The propaganda can side-step science with baseless claims that a causative agent, such as a virus, for the disease has been identified and isolated, that a reliable test exists, and that the human population of the planet is at grave risk. These claims can be repeated in the media even if none of the claims are true, and even while the world population is rising. This “fear-your-neighbor” strategy would be a particularly effective strategy because it would be unwieldy for the government to enforce control on so many people everywhere, so it would be helpful to the few elitists if the people police each other and engage in shaming and other tactics against their neighbors.


By people turning against their neighbors, this also reinforces the fear narrative. In addition to weaponizing the population against each other, the narratives designed to maximize fear might also convince people to close their businesses and destroy the world economy. Rather than talking about destroying the world economy, it may be more accurate to talk about destroying the middle class, which is the foundation of the world economy. After all, the rich could profit massively and get even richer if the destruction of the world economy was engineered carefully to destroy the middle class in a targeted way while enforcing a transfer of income from middle-class-owned businesses to elitist-owned businesses.

Other benefits to the elitists of the destruction of the world economy might include a massive reduction of money velocity, which would allow massive currency printing with funds funneled into the Wall Street financial system, hyperinflating a financial system bubble, and further divorcing the financial system from the Main Street economy, thus minimizing short term loss of purchasing power. In other words, this is massive inflation, the increase of currency supply, with the newly-printed currency essentially being put directly into the hands of the rich with a delay mechanism so that people don’t see prices rise for a while. People don’t recognize this as inflation because the banksters have gotten most people to conflate inflation with prices rising. This reduction of money velocity and concomitant inflation is another trickery which would make it difficult for people to realize that their wealth is being transferred (stolen by way of deception).

Again, the purpose of propaganda would be prevent people from exercising their free will and from exerting their inner power. The primary weapon for this purpose is the promotion of fear. There are other weapons that can also be used to prevent people from tapping into their inner power. If the body and mind become weakened by adding poisons, chemical or other, to the water supply, and to the air we breathe, that could affect the brains and hearts of people and possibly reduce people’s resolve to exert their inner power. Other ways to cut people off from their inner power might involve adding toxins to the food supply, indoctrinating people in a public school system, reducing access to free thinking in how people engage with sovereignty with one another, etc.

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