Money as an Idea-7-Wealth Storage

Money as an Idea-7-Wealth Storage

Wealth Storage

What is wealth storage? Wealth storage is a way to carry forward into the future your life energy. If you can accumulate today some extra life energy, maybe by doing a favor for somebody and can store a unit of account for that, then you can benefit from that tomorrow by having somebody prepare lunch for you, giving you options tomorrow for how to use your freedom and your energy and your time instead of preparing lunch for yourself.

A common modern form of wealth storage is money, not currency. Another form of wealth storage is one that is common in traditional societies. It can be described as contributing to the community, contributing social value, social currency or being generous to others with your energy. Community members will give most in a time of need to the individuals who they remember as having given the most to them in the past.



What is not wealth? If you make a financial decision based on fear, this is the opposite of wealth storage. With your fearful thought , you are denying in your own mind the value of your life energy. Also, if you relate to money in a way which restricts your ability to share your money or your energy with others, you are limiting your own value and your ability to contribute.

A model for a healthy relationship with money and its resulting behavior can be found in Follow Your Dreams – Part 6 and Follow Your Dreams – Part 7.

It is important to recognize the connection in your mind between your value, your life energy, money as a form of energy, your wealth and your freedom. This is a critical component in your relationship with money. This is how you establish your financial wellness.

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