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Christ Seed Book Available – Christ Seed Explained
For info about the Christ Seed book, please click Christ Seed Book Christ Seed Explained.

Christ Seed is an oil that is produced monthly in the human body following the moon cycles. The Christ Seed matures in three days, journeying between the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the mid-brain, the medulla oblongata, the Ida, the pingala, the solar plexus, the sacral plexus, the spinal column, the vagus nerve, etc.

The timing of the Christ Seed each month is different for each individual. Your Christ Seed timing each month is based on the relative location of the moon at the moment of your birth.

I have created a method for calculating the timing of the Christ Seed each month for an individual which is accurate to the minute. The reason why I put so much work into the ability to calculate the timing of the Christ Seed is that I was surprised to discover how widely variant the results could be by attempting various Christ Seed timing calculating methods. In addition to a composite method which I developed for accurate calculations as well as a secondary method, I also calculate the precise moment when the moon has maximal power for an individual during that month. This moon max always falls within the Christ Seed timing. Additionally, I include instructions with practices and behaviors which create conditions favorable for the transmutation of the Christ Seed.

If you’re interested in getting a calendar schedule listing the timing of your Christ Seeds for the upcoming year, please contact me. Or, click here for info about ordering your Christ Seed Report.

Click here for info about ordering your Christ Seed Report.

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