Spiritual Center Planning Details

Planning details

  1. Non-profit = 501(c)(3)
  2. Rural?
  3. Residential
    1. Cooperative living
    2. Plus venue for retreats (hours to weeks)
  4. Retreat suitability
    1. Quiet (noise)
    2. Quiet (mentally)
  5. Rules
    1. Don’t interfere with others in their path
  6. How to govern
    1. How to get rid of undesireables
  7. Finances? (operational)
    1. Income sources?
    2. Start-up


  1. Research locations
  2. Visit similar places already functioning
    1. Place west of Taos that had lawyer retreat
    2. Endeavor Academy
    3. Hummingbird Ranch
  3. Establish timeline
  4. Involve more people
  5. Invite others to group for discussing how to proceed and spirituality in general
  6. Establish a core group of founders
  7. Select a name
  8. Host events
    1. OM circle, chanting circle, meditation circle
    2. Visionary videos
    3. Other events
  9. Write mission statement
  10. List expectations for prospects
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