A Course In Miracles music – Request for Musicians

A Course In Miracles music – Request for Musicians

I am aware that there are already a lot of songs with a fun dance beat. And, now, thanks to Jimmy T, there are 365 ACIM songs. Something that I would really like is more ACIM music put to a fun dance beat. Besides dancing, the other reason why I want ACIM dance music is because a catchy tune with a beat gets more easily in my subconscious, which means that I’ll more often have it running through my mind as I’m jogging or doing other things.

James Twyman has had a novel idea to put A Course In Miracles to music. I love this idea. He followed through with the hundreds of hours of work to get it done. He executed the project very well, producing great variety. What I see from this is the potential of what can be done. Just listen to the videos of the super songs on the webpages of this article, and you’ll see what I mean.


As I mentioned above, I have a preference for ACIM music with a fun dance beat. I am certain that there are talented musicians out there who could apply their abilities to compose or use tunes which could enliven my heart and the hearts of many other people. I look forward to seeing musicians produce new ACIM songs which get us all hopping. I feel excited when I think about the awesome, fun ACIM music which might be produced in the upcoming years.

So, here’s my request to musicians. Who wants to put some ACIM lessons to music in a fun way? You don’t need to take on the massive project of producing a song for all 365 lessons. Even if you make a great song for only one or two lessons, that would still be great. If you do, please let me know. For all of the other readers, please comment below if you would enjoy ACIM lessons put to fun music by talented musicians.

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