The Wingmakers are the Central Race, which resides in the most primeval galaxies nearest the centermost part of the universe. According to Corteum cosmology, the structure of the universe is segmented into seven superuniverses that each revolve around a central universe. The central universe is the material home of First Source or the Creator. According to the Corteum, in order to govern the material universe, First Source must inhabit materiality and function in the material universe. The central universe is the material home of First Source and is eternal. It’s surrounded by dark gravity bodies that make it essentially invisible even to those galaxies that lie closest to its periphery.

Wingmakers Neruda interviews download at bottom of this page.

WingMakers is a resource for those who are interested in the spiritual values of their heart and mind,
and are seeking new insights and inspirations to stimulate their growth and sense of purpose. WingMakers
is not an organization or a group of people bent on solving the issues of today. It is exquisitely personal.
It is designed to help the individual to activate or deepen their spiritual path, so they can rise to the
purpose they came to serve as both a soul and soul carrier.

Wingmakers Neruda interviews download at bottom of this page.

The source of the Wingmakers creation myth is attributed to “James”, a man who lives in New York. According to the Wingmakers mythology, many previous spiritual movements on Earth have been motivated by brief flashes of insight into the true nature of the multiverse, but it is only now, and increasingly in coming decades, that the scientific means will be found by which humans will be able to truly control access to First Source by means of enhanced interactions between physical bodies (soul carriers) and their associated souls (fragments of First Source). James claims to be an incarnated Wingmaker working to stimulate humans to participate in the scientific discovery of the humanoid soul. “Humanoid” is used in an all-inclusive way to refer to all life on Earth and other planets of the universe since the soul fragments of First Source make little distinction between various evolutionary forms of life. James predicts that by about 2075, humans on Earth will have discovered scientific proof of the soul and its links to First Source.

Wingmakers Neruda interviews download at bottom of this page.

The five interviews of Dr. Jamisson Neruda are an extension of the Ancient Arrow Project novel. The first three interviews are contained on the First Source disc, the fourth interview was released in November 2002, about a year following the release of the disc, and the fifth interview was released in April 2014.

The framework of these interviews is that Dr. Neruda has defected from the Advance Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) because his unique connection with the WingMakers has persuaded him that they hold the keys to humanity’s ability to attain The Grand Portal—the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul. His defection from the ACIO ultimately leads him to a journalist whom he contacts as a means to tell his story and get it out to the media.

In each of the five Neruda interviews, Dr. Neruda is being interviewed by a journalist named Sarah. Sarah skillfully draws out the details of the ACIO, what it’s like to work for a secret organization whose focus is to reverse-engineer recovered extraterrestrial technologies, but then, in the fifth and final interview, a powerful twist occurs—the hologram of deception (reality) is unmasked.

For approximately 15 years the fifth interview was withheld, for reasons that were never disclosed, though many people asked about its disposition. James has intimated that the content of the fifth interview was radical, and would be released when the timing was right. The five interviews constitute an important part of the WingMakers materials in terms of defining the technology transfer program, the cabal behind the government, the hologram of deception and perhaps most important of all, the Sovereign Integral process and the true meaning of The Grand Portal.

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