Money Sovereignty – 3 – Triumph of Will

Money Sovereignty – 3 – Triumph of Will

Our history books provide us with zero precedent and zero hope for such a triumph. When I think about it, there might be an exception, such as the American Revolution. Did some freedom-loving colonists triumph over King George and the Bank of England? Regardless of whether or not there is any precedent in our history books, I question if that really matters. After all, who wrote the history books? To be more clear, the question is not so much about who put pen to paper. Rather the question is this. What is the authority structure under which history books would be allowed to continue to exist? Would authorities censor history books which present info which would be useful to empower the masses to exercise their free will, to be encouraged to tap into the only space which has true power, the heart center? Would authorities prefer to allow only history books which disempower the masses and encourage sheeple-type behavior. Consider the multiple times that the Library of Alexandria was burned as well as similar acts of censorship throughout history. In modern times, we have an evolution of censorship software with increasing sophistocation.


So, back to financial gurus considering a realistic probability. Could this possibly include a triumph of what is best for all? What mechanism might possibly be the pathway for this to occur? I suggest that a path that would help financial gurus to see this perspective would be a though experiment. We can invite financial gurus to participate in a thought experiment. I hope that me publishing this page is a step towards such a thought experiment. The next step will be for someone to formulate the basis for a thought experiment. The thought experiment would need to include some mechanism which would allow for the dynamic for the triumph of will for what is best for all.

(As an aside, a thought that comes to my mind is Ubuntu Contributionism). After all, it is an inherent inner divine quality in all human beings to contribute. No human being finds true inner peace without a fulfillment of the quality of contribution.)

I think that all economic models do best when labor force participation is maximized and when production is maximized, when production is targeted to what is wanted by the most people, when waste is minimized.

(As an aside, indeed, the word economy is sorta equivalent to efficiency, which includes minimal waste. As an Ironman triathlete, I work towards economy of movement, i.e. expenditure of energy to propel my body forward with minimal energy waste.)

In my opinion, a successful economic model will see an increase in wealth for everyone to the extent that he or she contributes as well as an increase in freedom for everyone who contributes to the group participating in that economy. This is because wealth is equal to freedom. The unit of account used in a successful economy would be called a currency. If the economy is designed to endure for a long time, the currency would need to be money. If there is to be true wealth and true freedom, the unit of exchange used by all the people engaging in this economy would need to be sovereign money.

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