A Course In Miracles music – a Novel Idea

A Course In Miracles music – a Novel Idea

The Lessons of A Course In Miracles Put to music – a Novel Idea

The biggest project that I know of to put A Course In Miracles to music was done by James Twyman, a well known as a movie producer, among other things. About ten years ago, I saw a movie entitled “Indigo.” I loved the movie. It is of the high quality which we expect of Hollywood. I discovered years later that this movie was produced by James Twyman. James was a student at Endeavor Academy. He left the academy before I arrived. At the academy, he was generally known as Jimmy T. The fact that he was at Endeavor Academy tells me that he is someone who I would trust when it comes to the truth of A Course In Miracles.

A few years ago, James Twyman immersed himself in a project to put all 365 lessons from the workbook of A Course In Miracles to music. Because the lessons are in iambic pentameter, this lends itself very easily to poetry reading and to music. For one year, Jimmy T produced and recorded a song every day for the lesson from that day. Every day, he produced a video for the song of that day, and he put the video on his youtube channel. The video above is ACIM lesson 1 on his youtube channel. To find all 365 lessons, you can click in the lower right corner of the video above and select to view the video on youtube. Then, below the video near the left, click on “James Twyman” to go to his channel. Then, click on videos in the top navigation menu to see a list of all videos on his channel. There, you will find the songs for all 365 lessons.


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