Enlightenment Intensive Principles

Enlightenment Intensive Environment and Features

Safety and Trust

Communicating in this way is not like having a normal conversation. You are listened to by your partners with full attention, but what you say is never commented on. No advice is given, no reactions expressed, no judgements made.

This provides a powerful foundation of safety within the group which promotes ever increasing openness. In essence, it gives you incredible freedom to safely explore and express your innermost truth without fearing what others might think or say about it.

The constant expression of one’s immediate truth, and doing so with steadily deeper trust and openness, facilitates the ability to openly express one’s ultimate Truth as the moment occurs.

The uninhibited expression of Truth to a receptive individual is what most deepens the direct experience of it.


Intensity and Immersion

The process of sharing your inner journey – and listening to others share theirs – continually brings you into the present. It immerses you in the moment-by-moment awareness of your own experiences, not letting you get lost in thoughts and feelings.

It is this special combination of focus and openness, of looking ever deeper into oneself and having ever deeper contact with others, that is responsible for the speed and intensity of the process. It is this dynamic which creates the conditions for enlightenment experiences to occur in a relatively short period of time — three days.

No one can guarantee that you will have an enlightenment experience. In fact, no one can make it happen. This is why enlightenment has often been described as an “accident” because people do not usually know how it has occurred.

But what we can do is maximize the conditions which enable it to occur. And everything about an Enlightenment Intensive is designed to do just that … to make you more “accident prone”.

Who will you be when you unlock your potential?


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