Money Sovereignty – 5 – About Fear

Money Sovereignty – 5 – About Fear

Wealth transfer in other words is enslavement. Here’s a reminder that wealth is equal to freedom. So, a system for wealth transfer would logically include trickery to persuade the masses into sheeple-like behavior, including voluntarily surrendering freedom, perhaps for perceived safety or protection offered by the oppressors. (The oppressors are likely the central banks operating through national governments.) This system would logically include trickery in the form of propaganda. The propaganda would likely be disseminated from controlled media by various deceptive means such as carefully constructed half-truths, manipulative fake fact-checking and censorship. The purpose of propaganda would be prevent people from exercising their free will and from exerting their inner power.

The primary weapon for this purpose is the promotion of fear. The elitists could create narratives designed to maximize fear in the hearts and minds of people. The extent of success of producing fear is the same as the extent of suppression free will exercised by the people. If successful enough, the elitists can even weaponize the population against each other if, for example, people become afraid of their neighbors. This idea would have been preposterous a while back. Any functioning society thrives based on cooperation of the people participating in the society. Neighborly relations is foundational for this.


However, if elitists could somehow convince people to fear their neighbors for some crazy reason, maybe if their neighbor owns guns and if guns in the hands of the citizenry is a cause for fear, or maybe if the neighbor might possibly have some deadly contagious disease without even being sick, then people would feel justified in shunning their neighbors and welcoming the government to protect them against their neighbors. One might ask how it would be possible to convince people that guns in the hands of the citizenry is a cause for fear. Perhaps this could be achieved through propaganda creating the concept of terrorism and through propaganda about mass shootings. One might ask how it would be possible to convince people that their neighbor is a death risk from disease. Perhaps this could be achieved through propaganda about a mysterious disease.

To whip up a frenzy of fear, the grander objective for the propaganda would be to create a panic-demic. In extreme cases, people could become fearful that their neighbors might have guns, whether or not this fear has any basis in reality. Or, in extreme cases, people could become fearful that their neighbors might infect them with a deadly disease, even if their neighbors are healthy and even if the fear contradicts scientific and real-world experience. When propaganda fans the flames of that fear, then people might shift into panic. If enough people panic, a panic-demic can arise out of anything, even if there’s no objective basis for it. When I was a lifeguard, I learned a useful way to view the concept of panic. For this purpose, we can define panic as the loss of the ability for self help. People who buy into a panic-demic will, to a large extent, lose their normal capacity for rational thought and discernment to evaluate statements from the main stream media. When people lose their ability for rational thought, their behavior becomes predictably irrational. In this state, people lose the ability to make decisions which are in their own best interests.

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