C60 Testimonials

C60 Testimonials:

Prevented Knee Surgery

"C60, my experience.
I have had an issue with my right knee since I was 16 when I was mis diagnosed with Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis. Over the next 10 or so years I was given many steroids ie, gold injections, cortisone, prednisone and predisalone etc.After seeing many Orthopedic Doctors one of them ran a test that came back negative for Arthritis. I continued to have problems off and on over the years but took no more medication for my knee. Last year my left knee started to be an issue and that worried me so I requested an appointment with a physical therapist. I did the physical therapy and they told me that I needed surgery on both knees,I was sent to an orthopedic who said the same thing but referred me to another orthopedic. In the meantime I had researched and started taking C60. I also had some acupuncture and some shamanic work done. I also found some really easy exercises to do which was very helpful. My pain started going away and the new orthopedic doctor let me know that I certainly did not need surgery. I have some arthritis and if it should become painful he said he could inject some gel into them. I have now been taking C60 for about 10 months and feeling pretty good. I went to a chanting class last week and was able to sit in a cross legged position which I haven’t been able to do for years. I feel ( even though I have done several things) tha the C60 has been a major factor in my over all health. I no longer drink coffee,crave sugar or have any desire for meat on the contrary I am craving fruit and salads. Another realization about C60 and my knees: I realized the other day that I can now walk down hill without pain. I feel that there is still healing going on?
I hope this is helpful information."
Carly Bevans, New Mexico
Using mostly C-60 Labs


Elite Ultramarathon Runner Recovery Enhanced

"As a professional runner, I have played with a Lot of supplements. And it’s taken me months of trialing C60 to feel confident telling people how much it’s helped me, not because my results were quick but because they were more than my brain could credit to a single intervention, especially at my level. It’s easy for a supplement to help untrained people, but I’m an aerobic powerhouse, literally eating free radicals for breakfast, but C60 took my last training block to another level. I will be training harder And with more miles going forward, due to the recovery benefits. This stuff is the real deal."
Anthony Kunkel, Colorado
Using Purple Power


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