C60 Health Benefits

C60 Health Benefits

Clif says that C60 benefits our DNA telomeres in two ways. C60 lengthens telomeres. C60 also is an effective detox agent. C60 can cross the blood-brain barrier and detox throughout the entire body. Clif talks about 150 people he knows who have been self-experimenting with C60 for years. Many have experienced great health benefits which they attribute to the C60. C60 hyper-oxygenates the body without free radical damage. C60 reduces oxidative stress. C60 works by being combinoric, augmenting the effectiveness of other detoxifying agents.


C60 has not been tested, nor approved for human consumption by the FDA. C60 is sold as an industrial substance. Despite this, many people have chosen to experiment on themselves by consuming C60. Clif says that it is best to take C60 with dairy, especially raw milk kefir. The etymology of the word chemistry comes from alchemy, in Arabic as al khem which means one point.

If you choose to purchase C60, it is good to be aware that this industry is not regulated. As a consequence, it makes a big difference which source you purchase from. There are two reputable sources that I’m aware of, C60 Labs Fit for Life in Iowa, and C60 Purple Power in Colorado. My general prejudice is to achieve health naturally, not with pills or potions. Nonetheless, C60 seems to be an effective component as part of an integrated wellness system which would naturally include a diet of mostly raw, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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