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An alternative civilization is being formed. As more people become aware of long-term strategies and manipulative tactics of oppression, divisiveness, deception, distraction, indoctrination, etc. being used against the people, people are finding alternatives and creating independent systems. Here, we’ll explore some aspects of alternative civilization. So far, this is a wiki-style web page. May this inspire others to create a full alternative civilization wiki.

Let’s build the world we want to live in!

Preventing Our Enslavement and Our Self-Annihilation

Here is some background which will help to provide context to forces driving and reasons for the formation of an alternative civilization. One could think of the four videos here as a sort of a prologue for the topic of the formation of an alternative civilization.

Below are some videos relevant to preventing our enslavement and our self-annihilation.


Here are some of my comments.
The most important video is the last one. The prior videos help to provide context. If you don’t want to watch all the videos, skip the first one or two or three.The last video especially is speculative, based in spiritual revelation, not evidence-based. To me, this info highlights the phrase “​There is something glorious birthing within all of us” which was given to me internally on 14 Jan 2021 in such a momentous way that I put it into my email signature. This info is cause for celebration. This info is also a warning. It suggests that the next couple years may be challenging. Our decisions in the near future may be more critical than most time periods in history.

On one hand, it seems to me that we are in danger of self-annihilation. On the other hand, we may have an opportunity in the next few years to usher in a civilization of peace and prosperity in a trajectory of progressive enlightenment which could endure for thousands of years. For whatever reason, it seems like our thoughts and actions in the near futur4e will have disproportionately high leverage for our collective future. Because of the current dynamic, it feels appropriate to me that we feel a sense of urgency. I’ve been teaching for a long time, that, regardless of whatever crazy situation may present itself, we will always want to respond with love, not fear. This imperative seems particularly important now.

I’ve been teaching for a long time that, regardless of circumstances, we need to respond with love, not fear. We can prepare for whatever circumstances my occur in the future, whether or not we have recognized indications which act as harbingers. As part of that preparation, it is important to prepare mentally and spiritually.

I encourage you to go within. When circumstances get crazy, it is important to look within your heart to know what is the best thing to do and to receive guidance for what is for the greatest good. We must have courage to follow through with things which may be difficult, given the circumstances.

We need to remember that circumstances do not define us. Our decisions define us. So, I’d like to offer this reminder. Regardless of circumstances, respond with love. We are the love of god, not matter what.

Clif High asks Who Benefits

OK, here are the videos
The following four videos are listed by ascending importance. So, if you’re gonna skip any, skip the first ones.

1 Clif High asks Who Benefits

Date: 11 Apr 2020

critical thinking – #shitstorm – The case for space aliens

Video duration: 39 min

Jerry Day asks Who Is Making Governments Self Destruct

2 Jerry Day

Date: 3 Jul 2020

Who Is Making Governments Self Destruct?

Video duration: 11 min

Clif High on Colonization

3 Clif High on Colonization

Date: 2 Jul 2021

Wampum Woo – Explorers’ Guide to SciFi World

Video duration: 1h 7m

Penny Kelly on Preventing Slavery and Self-Annihilation

4 Penny Kelly on Preventing Slavery and Self-Annihilation

Date: 24 Jul 2021

[23 July 2021] The White Wall. … What’s behind it?

Video duration: 23 min

Jones Plantation

Below is a video which can help to raise awareness that we have been enslaved for a long time to a limited extent. That form of slavery is economic slavery because we have accepted a system and agreed to use fiat debt slavery units. In USA, we refer to the local fiat slave units as Federal Reserve Notes or as US dollars.

Jones Plantation Short Video

The Jones Plantation
Date: 9 May 2012
Video duration: 12 min

Jones Plantation – First Questions

Jones Plantation – First Questions

In case you didn’t extrapolate from this video an extended perspective of some implications relevant to our lives and our situation, I’ll try to guide you there.


How different are the lives of the freed slaves from the lives of the same people when they were slaves? I see four differences. One difference is nothing more than ideological: that the people identify themselves as free rather than slaves. The second difference is also purely ideological: that the meetings have an appearance of audience participation. The third difference is a small burden of responsibility of free people: that the people handle currency and manage accounting in addition to the same work they had done previously. The fourth difference is attitudinal: that the people are incentivized to work harder to improve their lifestyle and penalized for poor performance and incentivized to compete with their neighbors in a divisive way.

Other than those four differences, is there anything different in lives of the freed slaves from the lives of the same people when they were slaves?

Are the “free” people allowed to think freely? Is dissent tolerated? Is the talk from the manager, which appears to be kind and generous, anything more than pure rhetoric designed to manipulate the thoughts of the “free” people? If the objective of the slave owner before emancipation was to get compliance from the slaves, has compliance been achieved? How? How did most slaves view a slave who complained about the master? How do most “freed” people view a dissenter? To what extent is this view influenced by the words of the manager? Would it be fair to call this tyranny? Is there a more suitable word than tyranny to describe the situation?

There is a project proposed to use the short cartoon version of Jones Plantation as the basis to produce a full-feature (two hours, I think) film with good actors. If you wish to support this project, you can visit

Alternative Forms of Government

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Prophecy of an Alternative Civilization – Allison Coe

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