Why LeRoy is perfect for RPF now

To whom it may concern:

I would like to be considered by the Resonance Project Foundation to fill the role of WordPress Master of coding and UX development.
I am perfect for this role because I excel in all of the criteria in the brief email description, because my being resonates with RPF, and for other reasons, some of which will be covered in these pages.

Wordpress coding: https://www.crowdjumpfund.com/health/ and entire site
UX development: https://www.crowdjumpfund.com/health/ and home page
PHP: email attachment ezTV-A-2011-engl-20.php and https://www.crowdjumpfund.com/ home page
CSS: email attachment ezTV-2011-engl-34.txt and https://www.crowdjumpfund.com/ home page
AJAX: email attachment ezTV-2011-engl-34.txt
Other: https://www.crowdjumpfund.com/website-building/
Visit https://www.crowdjumpfund.com/tech/nassim/technical-tour/ for a technical tour of the above, where I describe the pages and attachments listed above and walk you through what to look for in each.

Please take 5 or 10 minutes to peruse this site.  Also, below are some words which describe me:

Work well without supervision
Computer Teacher
Algorithmic Web Traffic
Multi-Channel Marketing
Network Administrator
CPR & First Aid Instructor
Peace Corps Volunteer
Lifeguard Instructor
Camp Counselor
Science Tutor
Eagle Scout
Leading By Example
Outdoors enthusiast
Triathlon & Fitness Coach
Nutrition & Health Coach
World Travel by Bicycle
Fluent in 5+ Languages
Yoga Instructor
Selfless service
Sustainability promoter
RPF resonance:

I have been fascinated for years by videos by Nassim Haramein that I’ve watched.
I’m especially excited by Nassim’s Schwarzschild Proton paper and his subsequent Unified Field Theory proposal.
As part of who I am, I am always looking to take my work to a higher level, both spiritually and from a business marketing perspective. I have been teaching about user experience and customer experience for years.
One of my passions is free energy.
I have actually held the intention for a while to contact Nassim about how I might use my background in Science or web marketing to help with RPF.

Note about navigaton:
I did not include these pages in the site navigation menu. To get back to this page after leaving, you can use your browser back button or re-click on the email link.

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