Coronavirus COVID-19 Fake News – Deadly Virus

Coronavirus COVID-19 Fake News – Deadly Virus

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Fake News – Deadly Virus

Coronavirus COVID-19 Fake News – Deadly Virus

The text in the image above says
IMAGINE a virus so deadly that media and government have to fabricate the death numbers to make people believe it’s real.

Here are a few related thoughts to consider.

– Remember Event 201? In that speculative preparatory exercise, numbers were generated. The response of the public to the numbers was postulated. Policies were invented/implemented. The response of the public to the governmental over-reach was speculated and analyzed.

– Koch’s Postulate has not been been satisfied for COVID-19. This means that there is not yet any compelling scientific evidence of the existence of nor pathogenicity of COVID-19.

– The testing that is being conducted is not specific to COVID-19. Additionally, the dilution protocol used in the current test is so extreme as to rended the results mostly inconclusive of anything.

– Incentives are being applied to doctors to modify their behaviors, e.g. to delay treatment and to use ventilators when other methods would be safer and more effective.

– Doctors are being pressured in unprecedented ways to change their reporting on death certificates.

– The policies that are being implemented have no substantial basis in science. Epidemiologists claim that physical distancing and social distancing will make the epidemic worse. Government agencies assert that masks offer no protection.

– Official-dom at all levels world-wide are abusing–in oppressive ways–the authority given to them by the people. As an example, governors of US states are manipulating people to believe that they are passing orders which restrict the rights of the people in their state, despite the constitutional reality which defines the governors’ powers as limited to regulating state agencies, not people.

– Censorship has recently reach epidemic levels. Word choice, timing and other details are carefully selected to manipulate and distort the truth.

– Could there be other agenda which are served by these actions? Who benefits?

I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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