Coronavirus COVID-19 Is Social Distancing Working?

Coronavirus COVID-19 Is Social Distancing Working?

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Coronavirus Perspectives on COVID-19


Coronavirus COVID-19 Is Social Distancing Working?

Coronavirus COVID-19 Is Social Distancing Working?

Here’s a video from The HighWire with Del Bigtree.

This video investigates the results that social distancing has had already.
Scientists & epidemiologists in many countries around the world have been sounding the alarm on social distancing measures. In this video, Del Bigtree interviews top biostatistician, Knut WittKowski PhD, who has a sobering message about the effects of this quarantine.

Dr. Knut WittKowski is an biostatistician and mathematician who worked at the Rockerfeller Institute as a Senior Research Associate.

Dr. Knut WittKowski points out that there was never any compelling evidence to show that it was advisable to begin any social distancing policies.

As an aside, I question why the phrase “social distancing” was chosen as the phrase to be used and propagated into the global consciousness? Why not “physical distancing” for example? I’m serious here. I would like to open a dialogue around this. I would like to hear your thoughts.

Words are powerful.

Words shape thoughts.

Words are being used as a social engineering weapon. I’m wondering if someone wants to manipulate my mind into accepting as good the idea of distancing myself socially from other people.

I recall how the media learned from its mistakes during the Vietnam War and applied it later. During the Vietnam War, the big question that people asked was whether or not they supported the decision from the US government to send military to Vietnam to wage war. During the first war in the Persian Gulf, the media took over the dialogue and turned the “reporting” into something more like a soap opera. The media introduced the question “Do you support our troops?” I was always baffled by that question. To me, it was really a non-question. I don’t have any strong animosity towards the soldiers, towards the people, who were doing the killing and getting killed. On both sides, those people were doing what they thought was right.

The media controlled the collective global conversation. Our minds were consumed with the thought “Do you support our troops?” and with daily “reports” about the war actions and result, not to mention the continued propaganda pushing fearful ideas, such as the possibility of chemical weapon factories. People were trying to get informed from the media about the war in the Persian Gulf that we were mostly distracted from thinking. People wanted info from which to be able to form their own opinions about the political landscape. Instead, the programming from the media redirected our thoughts, so that our minds were so consumed with memes like “Do you support our troops?” that we had very little space left to think about other aspects, such as why the US government was making the decisions that it was making.

So, back to this phrase “social distancing” vs “physical distancing” or some other phrase. Any ideas about why this phrase was chosen?

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