Coronavirus COVID-19 Anatomy of COVID-19 – Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Coronavirus COVID-19 Anatomy of COVID-19 – Dr. Andrew Kaufman

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Anatomy of COVID-19 – Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Coronavirus COVID-19 Anatomy of COVID-19 – Dr. Andrew Kaufman

This video is entitled Anatomy of COVID-19. In the first 40 minutes of the video, Dr. Andrew Kaufman presents a powerpoint presentation. This presentation is clear and concise, showing first what is known and claimed about the phenomenon that is being called the COVID-19 virus. He also goes into detail about the methodologies for testing for viri, including the RT-PCR test which is the most common test being used for COVID-19. He explains the preposterous over-amplification of “noise” in the PCR test which makes this test extremely prone to erroneous positive results. His presentation then goes into an explanation of the new field of exosomes. He talks about the recent discovery of exosomes and explains what exosomes are. He explains how exosomes function, and that their role is to help remove toxins.

His presentation is scientific, yet relatively easy to follow in my opinion. After the first 40 minutes of his presentation, then lay people ask questions and further flesh out these ideas for the remaining hour of the video.

After about 39 minutes, Dr. Andrew Kaufman presents his conclusions and makes some shocking statements. He claims that respiratory illness is caused by some insult or stress, often by toxins, which causes the production of exosomes. He also claims that the RT-PCR test actually tests for host RNA from exosomes. He concludes with two final statements. He claims that COVID-19 is actually exosomes, and that this presence is the result, not the cause of the illness. He further claims that what is referred to as a virus is actually exosomes.

This is so fundamentally different from what I was taught while I was earning my Biology degree that it is difficult for me to wrap my head around it. I will say though, that this might help to explain why viri are never found outside of a “host”. If, indeed, the thing that we refer to as a virus is actually an endogenous structure contained in our cellular vessicles called MVEs and MVBs, this makes a lot of sense. It will require, however, major rethinking of how we approach Biology, and we might be pushed to re-examine the germ theory.

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