Coronavirus COVID-19 Wim Hof interview on LondonReal

Coronavirus COVID-19 Wim Hof interview on LondonReal

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Wim Hof interview on LondonReal

Coronavirus COVID-19 Wim Hof interview on LondonReal

Here’s a video of an interview of Wim Hof on LondonReal by Brain Rose.

Brian Rose has been one of the best sources of info for many years on many topics. He has interviewed many of the top authorities in their fields on many topics. He brings into public awareness the topics and the people that are instrumental to our lives.

Wim Hof is well known as the Ice Man. Wim Hof has been practicing and teaching the phenomenal effects of breath-holding, conscious breathing practices and cold exposure. He claims that his practices have amazing benefits for the health of mind, body and spirit.

Wim Hof hold many world records. Here are a few examples of his amazing accomplishments. He has climbed Mount Everest wearing shorts and with no supplemental oxygen. He has done the same for Mount Kilamanjaro. He holds world records for immersion in ice water, for swimming under ice, etc. He ran a marathon barefoot in shorts above the arctic circle in January. He ran a marathon in Death Valley without drinking water.

He has been dong amazing things for about 40 years. He was not well known until there was some scientific studies performed on him and published. The first few scientific experiments were not very successful at generating interest with much following. The scientific skeptics postulated that there must be something phenomenally different about his individual physiology. In response, Wim Hof proposed that he could train anyone to get results similar to him. He set up a study with a group of people. After he trained this group for a couple weeks, all of them were able to perform amazing feats that they had not been capable of doing before his training. Similar to earlier studies, the participants in this study had blood draws and analyses which showed that their body was responding dramatically to the Wim Hof method. In another experiment, Wim Hof allowed himself to be injected with a poisonous substance in order to prove that he could consciously produce a dramatic effect with his immune system.

There seems to be a suggestion that Wim Hof may allow himself and perhaps even some of his students to be injected with COVID-19 as a way to prove that the Wim Hof method can successfully boos the immune system to a sufficient extent that there is no danger to COVID-19 exposure.

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