Evidence of breakthrough energy on 9/11 – Wed 20 Sep 2017 – 6:30pm

VISIONARY VIDEOS: Beyond Major Media

Wednesday’s Video Night – 20 Sep 2017 – 6:30pm

244 Villa Allegre, Building 144

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Evidence of breakthrough energy on 9/11

This is a 2 hour plus 2012 lecture and slide show presentation by researcher Dr. Judy Wood on the evidence, and what happened at the world trade center on September 11th 2001. This is the best, most unusual and most convincing of all of the documentaries and other presentations that I’ve seen about 9/11. Doctor Wood takes the unusual approach of looking at and analyzing the available evidence from the world Trade Center before presenting her theory of what actually happened near the end of her presentation. At that time she compiles a list of all the current theories about what caused the world trade center collapse and, with the use of an extensive table listing all the observed evidence she presented earlier, she proceeds to show that her theory of a directed energy weapon being used is the only explanation that fits with all the evidence observed at and around the twin towers. She uses the term dustification to explain what and how it happened and goes on to present evidence that Dr. Steven Jones’ theory of the use of Nuclear weapons is deliberate misinformation employed to confuse the situation. She also shows how Dr. Steven Jones was used to discredit the cold fusion process discovered and revealed by Pons and Fleischmann.




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We will be meeting at 244 Villa Allegre which is an apartment community at the corner of W. Alameda and St. Francis which is across St. Francis from Burger King. Coming from Cerrilos Blvd. on St. Francis, turn right on W. Alameda. Turn left into the driveway and go right, then turn left and then veer left and find Building 144 on the right. It is a community room.


Ask friends to join you every 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening of each month. All that is required is an open mind to ideas “beyond major media.” Documentaries shown at Visionary Videos expand our knowledge of unknown realities. These astounding ideas often reveal hidden truths that inspire change.


We are the Ones we are waiting for…
We are the Love of God, no matter what.



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