Sovereignty section announcement

Sovereignty section announcement

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I’m making this blog post to let you know that I just added a section Sovereignty Info onto my website. Please click on the links to check it out. I will be adding more pages to this section in the near future. Please check back from time to time. More to come. To give you a taste, some selections from that section are below.


Sovereignty Intro

This section contains information about sovereignty.


Ubuntu Contributionism is the title of a book written by Michael Tellinger. In this book, Michael Tellinger proposes that Ubuntu Contributionism is a blueprint for human prosperity.

You can download the Ubuntu Contributionism PDF here.
Click here to open the Ubuntu Contributionism PDF in a new window.
To save the PDF, right-click Ubuntu Contributionism PDF and select “Save link as”.

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We are the Love of God, no matter what.

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