Enlightenment Intensive 50th Anniversary

Enlightenment Intensive 50th Anniversary

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Enlightenment Intensive to be offered in Mora County, NM, from 26 Jul until 30 Jul 2018. The Enlightenment Intensive is a challenging and deeply rewarding residential retreat. The goal is to maximize the conditions for directly knowing truth of SELF.

Enlightenment Intensive 50th Anniversary

When: Thursday, July 26, 2018 beginning at 6:00 PM
to Monday, July 30 ending at 10:00 am
The 3 day contemplative period will be followed by integration exercises on Monday morning.
Where: At Casa Primera Luz, Mora County, New Mexico
This sanctuary is located on a beautiful 750 acre community property 1.5 hours Northeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Breathtaking views combined with stillness and a distinct healing energy support participants in their quest for deep insight and knowing.
Costs: $200 to cover actual costs
for food/cook, logistics, and accommodations. In addition we ask for a donation to the facilitators (sliding scale from $100 – $400).

How to register:

Please contact Katrin at katrinpotticary@gmail.com . The space for this retreat is limited. We are happy to answer any questions you might have!

Additional offering:
If interested, inquire about an optional Insight Healing Qui Gong workshop.

About the facilitators:
Jack and Katrin Potticary have spent many years practicing dyad communication, a partner assisted contemplation technique, which is the primary meditation used during the Enlightenment intensive. They are experienced group facilitators with years of practice in healing professions. Both have spent over 2 months to receive training in Zhineng (Healing Wisdom) Qui Gong, founded by Dr. Pang (Bejing, China).


What others have said about the Enlightenment Intensive:

“…for the purpose of self-discovery I’ve not run into anything which comes close to the effectiveness of the Enlightenment Intensive. The key to real spiritual development is self-discovery; the direct experience of who you actually are.”
Charles Berner, founder of the Enlightenment Intensive


“The process is a brilliant one because the work is so self directed, yet the sharing between multiple partners strengthens the Truth of Oneness I believe by satisfying the need to connect deeply with one another.”
Kathleen Miller, participant at Casa Primera Luz


“And it just happened that suddenly I realized I am Love, and when I notice others I see they are Love also and when I see others the Love that is me becomes something, an energy, a communication that comes and goes between other beings.”
Amos Reshef, Israel, participant at Casa Primera Luz


Casa Primera Luz is like a slice of heaven.”
Adam Hammes, EI participant


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Please comment and ask questions about Enlightenment Intensives and Dyads.

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