Bianca Ruehlig interviews LeRoy about the Christ Seed video added on home page


Bianca Ruehlig interviews LeRoy about the Christ Seed video added on home page

For this announcement on the Christ Seed Blog, visit Bianca Ruehlig interviews LeRoy about the Christ Seed video added on home page on the Christ Seed site blog


VIDEO introducing the Christ Seed

Christ Seed Interview

This 1h19m video is LeRoy being interviewed by Bianca Ruehlig about the Christ Seed.

Bianca Ruehlig interviews LeRoy about the Christ Seed
May 2022


3 Christ Seed timing
5 What is the Christ Seed?
16 Claustrum
18 Christ Seed journey
19 Pineal gland and pituitary gland
21 Pingala and ida
28 Christ Seed importance
34 Sushumna and spinal cord
35 Etymology of word Christ
37 Septuagint
43 Censorship and obfuscation
46 Symbolism and encoding forbidden knowledge
1hour Christ Seed Monthly Advisory
3 Christ Seed preservation practices



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  1. Leslie Cogan 1 year ago

    Can the Christos oil manifest into a person’s hair, making it super oily? I’ve always had real dry hair, but not now. I have aldo been receiving messages for 2 years, from some invisible source. I kid you not. It’s still occuring profoundly, to include certain upcoming dates here in 2023, and possible locations.
    I’m a very rare 62 year old woman; rare in that I’ve remained who I am, in the face of negative people who have forced my character, for only judging by reputation.
    I hope someone responds. I haven’t had a person yet, of 100 or more, who even responded with one word. I digress…only being a messenger since we have a society that clings to Halloween and scary movies… that’s make believe though.

    • Author
      LeRoy Diener 6 months ago

      Leslie, thanks for your question. My first inclination is to answer your question with “no.” Yet, when I think for a few seconds, I recall many phenomena occurring during my spiritual path. With this in mind, I will say that anything is possible. I would be happy to talk with you about this. You can find my contact info at the bottom of the webpage. I apologize that you have not gotten responses. I can add that I rarely notice comments which are made to my blog posts. I rarely even look for comments because most comments are from bots. I just noticed today your comment from 7 months ago. LeRoy

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