Yoga Video Improvements v1 – Your Help Needed Again


Yoga Video Improvements v1 – Your Help Needed Again

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Yoga Video Improvements v1 – Your Help Needed Again

Yoga Video Improvements v1 – Your Help Needed Again

Here is a new video of Yoga Ma Roller from 3 Apr 2020.

This version 1 has speaking for the first two minutes, then the last seven minutes of the video are completely silent.

I wish first to thank those of you who provided your valuable feedback when I asked for it from the video series from 13 Dec 2019. With your help, I learned which aspects were most important to address.

Here is the similar video from 13 Dec 2019 for comparison.

Now, I would like your help again. I would like especially to hear from those of you who did not respond the first time, so I can know your thoughts and make future videos according to what which aspects are most important to you.

Here are a few notes which will help you to know what to look for.

First, I made changes (which I think are improvements) in uncluttered background, my appearance, and lighting. What do you think? Please tell me if these are helpful for you.

If you’d like to review some of my original ideas and questions, you can visit I want to make my yoga videos better for you. Tell me how. I orignially published those ideas in Jan 2020.

Finally, the most important.
I would like most to hear your input about the audio quality comparing the top video above from Apr 2020 with the bottom video above from Dec 2019.

The audio portion of each video is only in about the first two minutes. After that, both videos should be silent. So, there should be no difference between the sound of these two videos after the first two minutes of each.

Please pay particular attention to the transition point which occurs at about 1:45 in each video. Between these phrases
…wherever it feels right at the moment.
There, you can see that I have just reversed direction.
In both of the above videos, the segment about 1:45 duration before the switch and segment about 10 seconds duration after the switch are each different audio files from separate recordings. So, I’d like your response to each of the four audio segments (two from each video).

The audio recordings of the first series are done with my laptop mic. That method produces audio with low quality.

The audio recordings of the newer video are done with a logitech headset mic. I’d like to know how the audio quality is with this sample, in your opinion. Eventually, I plan to buy a high quality microphone, but I don’t know when I might do that.


This is part of Yoga for Athletes, a part of my Spinal Decompression Protocol.

Thanks For Reading!

If you have any topics that you would like me to cover, feel free to comment them below and I’ll add them all to my list!


We are the Love of God, no matter what.

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