The Energy Cartels don’t want you to watch this Film – 2 Oct 2014

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Video Presentation – “The Energy Cartels don’t want you to watch this Film”

This recent 2 hour documentary is a sequel and expanded update to the documentary “The Truth behind the Energy Lie.” It offers many short videos detailing some of the many research projects by independent inventors and researchers in the field of alternative energy and free energy. Some of the ideas covered include cars that run on water or compressed air, batteries that produce energy from only salt water or just earth, wireless energy drawn from reversed Tesla coils, the Hutchinson effect, some of the energy secrets of coral castle, novel wind turbines and how wind turbines work and are constructed. The film also interviews Pons and Fleischmann in France on their recent advances in Cold Fusion research that is funded by the Japanese.


Watch “The Energy Cartels Don’t Want You To Watch This Film (It Will Put Them Out Of Buisness)”:


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