Has the Moon Shifted on its Axis? – 16 Oct 2014

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Video Presentation – “Has the Moon Shifted on its Axis?”

This is a 90 minute 2013 documentary chronicling the many natural and unnatural anomalies that have occurred on and to the moon since NASA crashed a rocket into the moon on October 9th 2009. Almost half of this film features an interview by radio talk show host Roxy Lopez of lunar expert Emily Cragg who offers her many observations as well as her conclusions and theory as to what has been recently happening to the moon. Some of these anomalies include an orbital shift of 34 degrees in 12 days, an apparent polar shift on its axis of approximately 130 degrees, as well as observed changes in color, size and features over the last few years. NASA, other government agencies, the astronomical observatories and the mainstream media have remained silent and refuse to address this situation to date.


Watch “What is happening on the moon? Emily Cragg answers the hard questions & shows Proof”:


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