Alternative Cancer Therapies – 6 Nov 2014

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Video Presentation – “Alternative Cancer Therapies”

This is an recent 2-hour seminar by Dr. Jacob Swilling explaining some of the many alternative cancer therapies used at his clinic and how they are used in different combinations for each individual. He explains how disease gradually occurs, especially from poor lifestyle choices, poor environmental conditions, poor nutrition and a very acidic body environment. He highlights how simple changes in what we eat and the way we eat, both in terms of quality, frequency and the way we combine foods, can have a big effect on preventing degenerative diseases and cancer before they arise.


Watch “Pt 1 – Dr. Jacob Swilling – Alternative Cancer Therapies”:


Watch “Pt 2 – Dr. Jacob Swilling – Alternative Cancer Therapies”:


Watch “Pt 3 – Dr. Jacob Swilling – Alternative Cancer Therapies”:


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