Christ Seed Book Cover Design Ideas – Please Help

Christ Seed Book Cover Design Ideas – Please Help

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Christ Seed Book Cover Design Idea

Thanks for taking the time to look at this and to help me out. The above image is a design idea for the cover of the book called “Christ Seed Explained” which I have recently finished writing. I’m trying to move towards completion of a book cover, and I’d like your help. I’d like to hear your opinion. Specifically, I’d like you to contemplate and answer these four questions.

  1. If this were a book cover on a book on a shelf in a bookstore, would you want to buy this book? How does this cover make you feel? Would you want to know more about this book?
  2. What do you see? Please take your time to contemplate what you see and what comes to mind for you. Do not scroll down. Most people will notice more than one element. What are they for you? What do these symbols represent to you?
  3. What’s your impression of the color scheme?
  4. Any other thoughts or feelings?

I would appreciate if you will comment below or write to me to let me know your thoughts. After you’ve had some time to contemplate what you see, there are other design ideas and explanations from me below.

Do not scroll down yet.

I’ll tell you now what the symbols represent to me. Don’t read this paragraph until you’ve had a chance to absorb and contemplate on your own. The tear-drop shaped symbol in the middle represents a drop of oil, which is the Christ Seed oil. The curvy lines behind the oil drop represent a brain.

The above image came after some variations. Here’s the initial image, created by my friend, Heidi.


Christ Seed Book CoverBrain

Heidi’s original idea

Here are some of my thoughts about Heidi’s wonderful creation. I love the overall color scheme, the dark blue background, the golden color of the central drop, the glow around the drop, the white lettering. I am enamoured with the golden drop. I’ve heard comments from a few people about what they see in this drop. It’s a lot. I feel torn about the artistic rendition of the brain. To me, the convolutions are too wide to convey the idea to me that it’s supposed to be a brain. Maybe I’m just too literal. The prominence of those curvy lines without a clear meaning to me at first caused me to feel a little confused and distracted from the beauty of the rest of the image. On the other hand, I notice the careful placement and how the lines of the brain seem to cradle the drop. I don’t want to lose that.

This next image is the same as the above, but without the brain.

Christ Seed Book CoverNoBrain

Cover design without a brain

In my mind, this above image offers simplicity and highlights the phenomenal beauty of the drop. I have to admit, though, that it’s missing a component that could add to it. And, it might even be too stark.

The next three images are the same as the above images, with a couple changes. An important change is the opacity of the brain. In the original, the opacity is 100%. In the above image, the opacity is 0%. In the three images below, left to right, the opacities are 30%, 20% and 10%.


Christ Seed book cover design v2 with 30% opacity



Christ Seed book cover design v2 with 20% opacity



Christ Seed book cover design v2 with 10% opacity

Another change to these three images from the original is the subtitle. I changed the text to be more informative. I also made the font size larger, so that it’s easier to read. In addition to the four questions above, here’s question #5: What do you think or feel about the two variations of the subtitle? wording? font-size?

Back to the important point about the opacity of the brain. Here’s question #6: How does the opacity of the brain affect your perception of the cover? Which is your favorite? Other related thoughts?

Here are some of my thoughts. I love the central drop so much that I don’t want too much distraction. An ideal for me is a cover where the following happens for you. You don’t notice the brain at first. You see the beauty of the drop at first, but you get a sense that there’s something more there. As you go into it, you notice the lines of the brain. Noticing a pattern, the lines become less faint to you, and you can see the full pattern. Maybe you get an idea that this pattern represents a brain. Certainly, the shape does not overwhelm you at first.

OK, maybe my ideas are crazy. I will note, though, something interesting. Even though I typically think of myself as someone who is analytic and not interested in aesthetics, I’m really enjoying this creative process.

On a technical note, in case you noticed that the first of the three images above, the image with 30% opacity is the same as the first image in this blog post, kudos. It is the same image.

On a marketing note, I’ve heard that an effective book cover draws people in right from the first glance, so that they become curious and want to know more. This leads me to question #7: Do you feel an attraction when you look at this cover? Curiosity?

As I mentioned, I’ve been having fun playing around with these designs, showing them to friends and talking about them. One friend noticed the phenomenal beauty of the oil drop and suggested that it would make a nice T-shirt. So I came up with the below image as a tee shirt design


Christ Seed tee shirt design

Question #8: Your thoughts about the T-shirt design?

Here are some closing thoughts. Below are links to articles on my website which I’ve written on the topic of the Christ Seed. They give a great intro into the topic. I feel excited to get this book out there. I think that many people can benefit from the info. I am not aware of anything else availalbe with this info curated and organized in a sensible way. I have not yet started advertizing the existence of the book. I’ve been waiting to have a good book cover as a crucial component to advertizing. As soon as I have a good cover, I should be good to get started. I am grateful for any help from you to getting there.

I appreciate very much you taking the time to help me with this. I look forward to your answers to my 8 questions, especially the first two.


Thanks For Reading!

If you have any topics that you would like me to cover, feel free to comment them below and I’ll add them all to my list!


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