Bumpity is like an Organic Small Farm

Bumpity is like an Organic Small Farm

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Bumpity is like a Spiritual Retreat Center and an Organic Small Farm


Bumpity is like an Organic Small Farm

I brought Bumpity Bob one watermelon grown in Delaware for the Woodstock Fruit Festival. Bob tasted it and said that its quality was in the top 1% of watermelons available in supermarkets in USA, but in the bottom 1% of watermelons that he grows. Over the years, Bumpity Bob has selected six varieties of watermelon that consistently produce the best. He is a major consumer of his watermelons, and he shares the melons daily with whoever is visiting, but he gives most watermelons he grows to friends to take home. My experience is that the watermelons at Bumpity are the best that I have had anywhere in the world. It’s not easy for me to put into words how much I enjoy the watermelons at Bumpity. I would tell you how much watermelon I eat everyday at Bumpity, but you probably wouldn’t believe me! The photo above will give you a hint of a portion.

Another favorite crop for Bumpity Bob is butternut squash. We highlight butternut squash for two reasons. First, it is a special variety that grows very large here. Second, it will not cross-pollinate with other squashes, so its seed remains pure.

One of Bumpity Bob’s favorite crops is Giant Radishes created by the bees here that cross-pollinated a German red parat with a daikon called April cross. Bob calls this new variety Kathy cross, and it is superior to either of its parents. Bob named it Kathy cross because its purple coloring was Kathy’s favorite color. Kathy was Bob’s late wife.

This year, a 150 foot row of asparagus produced 1120 spears so far. On top of that count, I broke off and ate about 10 spears today as Bob and I were weeding around the asparagus. The spears I ate today were amazingly soft and juicy and succulent. This is an absolutely miraculous asparagus event for September.

Some of my favorite crops growing at Bumpity are tomatoes of several varieties, cucumbers, capsicum, basil of several varieties, Giant Cossack Kohlrabi, green beans, wild asparagus, rhubarb, nettles, purslane, lambsquarters, plantain, kale, chard, cabbage, apples, grapes, and pears.

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Bumpity is like a Spiritual Retreat Center and an Organic Small Farm


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