Vegan/Vegetarian Harvest Potluck – 27 Oct 2019

Vegan/Vegetarian Harvest Potluck – 27 Oct 2019

Church Street Retreat & Wellness Collaborative

Church Street Retreat welcomes you back!

Sunday 27 Oct 2019

12 noon

905 Church Street

Wisconsin Dells

Donation see below

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You are invited to support the new Church Street Retreat and Wellness Collaborative by enjoying this idyllic property in the heart of Wisconsin Dells.


Come gather again for a wonderful meal, sharing the bountiful fall
harvest. Let’s enjoy together the season’s warming foods and
drinks – a wonderful spread of vegan and vegetarian dishes. The
food last time was over the top! The superb joining and shared
laughter completed a perfect and truly fun and nourishing
experience. For those who came last time, thank you very much
for your presence and your contribution.

Kari house

Again, this meal is to support Church Street Retreat and Wellness
Collaborative. Plans are being made for other future gatherings
that we hope you’ll find exciting and a wonderful way to connect
with one another. In that light, although this brunch will be a
potluck, a recommended donation of $10 is being asked (or
whatever you can comfortably afford) to support this community

Kari Food pic

Please RSVP, if possible, by Thursday, Oct 24th to Kari Hebbring at RSVP’s will help with making seating
arrangements. Donations can be received at the door or by Paypal


We sincerely hope to see YOU there!


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