Technology For Good OR to Condition to Shoot??

Technology For Good OR to Condition to Shoot??

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I am re-posting this article. It was written by my friend, Eric Scheunemann, and posted on Facebook February 27 at 12:06pm · Eureka Springs, AR. I have great respect and admiration for the thoughts and writings of Eric. Below is a timely example which I want to share with a wider audience.



Technology For Good OR to Condition to Shoot??

A few decades ago, there were no video games about killing each other, kids played outside, child obesity was about 4%, and there were never any school shootings, hardly anything was “tamper evident” either, guys left their guns in the back window of their truck, at school even. Where would anyone get the insane idea about killing each other? There were no school shootings (did I say that already?).

The movie “Forrest Gump” perfectly illustrated the awareness of a century earlier. Soldiers during WWI, were not able to shoot another human because they were SO WELL EDUCATED in proper gun usage by their parents and families. This was simply common sense. The movie showed how the military had to modify the practice targets to resemble the human silhouette — in order to CONDITION THE HUMAN TO KILL OTHER HUMANS.
Practicing on “human” targets got them over the “problem” of their good and healthy upbringing in the correct use of firearms.

So where do so many young Americans get the idea to kill each other now?
Surely it couldn’t be the thousands of hours each kid devotes to killing each other on Roblox and elsewhere? (The corporate-experts assures us this!… and we all follow the “experts” of course, not our former common sense… this is the modern age you know.) Lol! 🙂
Surely, it isn’t the thousands of hours each kids now absorbs following “models” of murders and emotional violence and abuse, watching TV and other movie “entertainment”. It’s interesting that this is called “entertainment” now.

Guns aren’t any more dangerous, but we are.

So the solution doesn’t lie in disarmament, but in what we do and allow with our time here.

What’s really interesting is the fact that 100 years ago, 80% of Americans lived on small rural farms, 100% locally self-sustaining, there was no “energy grid”, there was no energy crisis, everything was “organic”. There were no toxic foods or medicine or injections approved by the government. Gasoline was an “alternative” fuel. We knew how to lawfully control the President and Congress, and prohibited them from dragging the U.S. into the “League of Nations” following WWI because that would allow a “foreign law” to supersede the Constitution — under the penalty of treason. We were pretty smart back then, before (corporate) government regulation of education, and before “modern technology” to distract and mesmerize the citizens into killing each other, as a means of creating justification for disarmament.

Today, 80% of Americans live in cities and urban areas, no longer even close to self-sufficiency, dependent upon their “meds.” to deal with the world we have allowed while were entertained to distraction, and now normal, madness.
Oh yeah, pay your “insurance”! That really helps. Not.

Does anyone notice what has become of Americans in the last 100 years? Surely we can do better with our gifts of technology than teaching our kids to more efficiently kill each other (for fun!) and be used as a scape-goat for justifying U.S. disarmament.

Sure the emotional, mis-modeled reaction would be to disarm everyone. There is only one flaw with this reasoning…
Only the lawful will be disarmed, of course.
Only the unlawful will be armed (if anyone hasn’t noticed, the law officers don’t “protect and serve” the citizens either).

So where will that leave you and your children and the U.S., and the world? Arming only the tyrants and criminals is a bad move, especially in this time of term-oil.

Disarmament is obviously not the solution.
Citizens becoming more conscious about what they feed their kids, food-wise, and “entertainment” wise, is the solution.
Realizing what we feed ourselves mentally is what we will sow.

With a healthy mind in a healthy body, we can make better decisions.

Laughter is the best medicine, right?
Surely in another 100 years we will be laughing at our current time period right?

Who will you be when you unlock your potential?


We are the Love of God, no matter what.

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