Cryptocurrency Coinbase plugin now like PayPal

Cryptocurrency Coinbase plugin now like PayPal

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Cryptocurrency Coinbase plugin now like PayPal

Cryptocurrencies are poised for more adoption by merchants. Cryptocurrency merchant adoption is regarded as important to the future of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase just launched an app for merchants to make it easier for merchants to accept cryptocurrencies from anyone.

Coinbase introduced a Coinbase Commerce app with merchant service functionality that brings buyer to a screen pictured in the above shot after the buyer goes through the merchant’s checkout process. The crypto option seamlessly integrates. The seamless integration with this Coinbase Commerce app makes the crypto option look no different than the other two established options.

Cryptocurrency merchant adoption is facilitated by this Coinbase Commerce app in two ways. First, the seamless integration on the payment screen gives a sense of ease to buyers by appearing as natural as legacy payment methods. Second, anyone who has cryptos can use this payment option. Previously, the buy could use the merchant’s payment option offered by Coinbase only if the buyer had a Coinbase account.


Watch the 16:46 video below to hear Bix Weir talk about how the Coinbase Commerce app will help cryptocurrencies integrate into our economic system.

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